Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Year Without a Summer.

During the eruption of the Tambora volcano in Indonesia in 1815, several hundred cubic kilometers of ash and dust were thrown into the atmosphere to a height of 24 km . Infiltrating into the stratosphere , solid emissions were dispelled by the air currents around the Earth. The result of such a powerful volcanic activity,  the normal weather conditions have undergone global change on the globe.
In some parts of Europe and the British Isles , average temperatures were at 1,6-3,2 ° C below normal.
In summer, from 6 to 11 June , at New England (USA) hit a heavy snowfall , and during the following months of the 1816 year the temperature dropped below 0 ° C.
In Western Europe, Canada and New England grain crops have been destroyed.
By the end of the  1816 y - at the beginning of 1817, the particles of volcanic ash and dust have settled , and the climate gradually began to recover.


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