Saturday, November 23, 2013

Never argue with a blonde :)

On the plane on a nearby chair blonde and a lawyer. Blonde silently turns and looks out the window.
Ahead is a long flight.
Lawyer says blonde :
- Let me ask you a question, if you do not know the answer - you'll give me $ 5. Then you ask me a question if I do not know the answer - I'll give you $ 500.
Blonde agrees.
- What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon ?
Blonde silently gives him $ 5.
Blonde :
- Who climbs the hill with three legs and comes down on four?
It took some time. The lawyer phoned to all the friends, rummaged through the Internet...  can't find an answer. Well, what to do, he gives  $500 to  the blonde and asks:
- Well, who is it?
Blonde silently gives him $ 5, and turns away to the window.

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