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Man the legend Kalashnikov.

Around the world Russia known by four symbols : vodka, matryoshka , caviar and Kalashnikov ...
 Mikhail Kalashnikov - outstanding designer of small arms in the USSR and Russia , Lieutenant-General, famous as the creator of an AK -47
He was born in November 10, 1919 in the village of Kuria, Altai Krai , Russia. 
He was the seventeenth child in a large peasant family in which  were born  eighteen but survived only eight children. In 1930 his father, Timothy Alexandrovich Kalashnikov, was recognized a fist, and the family was exiled from the Altai region in the Tomsk region, village Lower Makhovaia .
Since childhood, Michael was interested in technique, with interest examining the structure and operation of different mechanisms. In school he loved physics, geometry and literature.
At age 18 he left his village and moved to Kazakhstan, where he began working in the depot accountant Matai Turkestan-Siberian railway. Communication with the machinists, turners, fitters depot strengthened interest to Michael art and engendered a desire to do something himself ... Creation of the world-famous machine was preceded by several inventions of weapons, which were not accepted into service because of some errors.
 In 1947, the USSR was a competition for the creation of the     automatic machine. All gunsmiths participated in it under pseudonyms. Sergeant Kalashnikov, having no secondary education, also set his latest invention to the contest. And his automatic machine, now known as the AK-47, won the famous gunsmiths. For this development, he was awarded the Stalin Prize. AK-47 was adopted in 1949, but a few more years (until the 1956) remained classified.
 In 1989, Mikhail Kalashnikov decided to meet with Eugene Stoner a creator of the  automatic machine M16 - the main competitor of AK. In the U.S., the Kalashnikov was greeted as a movie star, despite the fact that his face almost no one knew in  the world.
 Under the brand name "Kalashnikov" in Germany produce snowboards, watches, flasks, jars.
 AK rifle depicted in the coat of arms of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In different countries, boys are named in his honor.
Here is video about AK, but unfortunately only in Russian.
 ... Mikhail Kalashnikov now lives modestly, on the third floor of a building even without an elevator, with a woman who cares for him.
Once he said about the role of his invention in the life of the planet Earth:"If I had known - I would have become a watchmaker"Калашников_Михаил_Тимофеевич

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