Monday, November 25, 2013

A gibbet ... for a bad law !

Zalev - considered the author of the earliest written laws of the Greeks . His laws , aimed at establishing a moral order in the private and public relationship, were very strict.  To protect legislation  from schemers and adventurers, he has resolved : Anyone wishing to propose a new law or amendment must come to the meeting with a rope around his neck. If his laws or amendments will not be accepted , he should be hanged .
Perhaps thanks to this decree, during of 300 years was made only two corrections to the laws of Zalev.
He, also, has established the definite punishments for various crimes in order to eliminate the arbitrariness of judges.

P.S.: Perhaps today would do well to introduce a bill requiring parliamentarians to appear in parliament with no ties, but with ropes on their necks.  At least, that's for sure could save Ukraine.

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