Friday, February 8, 2013

Tickets exchanged for sex

   In the Netherlands, are increasingly found the proposal to exchange messages with your ticket on sex. Ticket prices will determine the number of hours the client license fee. 
   For example: the flight from Amsterdam to Washington, some citizens are willing to exchange for 3-4 hours of sexual services.
   In the Netherlands, prostitution is legal, so the police did not interfere, if the buyer ticket - adult, and the person who received "services" does not resort to violence or threats.
   One owner of a ticket from London to Singapore could not sell it for money, but the carrier did not want to take back the ticket and refund the money. Then the owner of the ill-fated ticket posted an ad on the Internet that will exchange the ticket for 45 minutes of sex with a young girl with a beautiful body and a pleasant smile.

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