Friday, February 8, 2013

The largest insect in the world

In New Zealand scientists found the largest insect in the world.
   American researcher caught a giant New Zealand cricket, hitherto unprecedented dimensions. Huge female barely fit on a human hand, and it even able to nibble a carrot.
   The length of the insect - almost 18 inches, and it weighs as three adult mice. 55-year-old researcher Mark Moffitt hunted two days for this insect.
   Before, it was thought that this species disappeared completely after Europeans brought rats to New Zealand.
   "We spent a lot of hours, without any hope of finding it, and then saw it on the tree. Giant Council - the largest insect in the world, and this - the largest of those that have ever found," - says the researcher. "It was so pleased with the carrot, it seems It did not notice the fact that was in our hands, and continued to chew," - said Moffitt.
   Having treated the cricket, people took pictures of it and sent back to the same tree.

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