Thursday, February 14, 2013

10 unexpected ways to use microwave

Bring you the top ten tips for housewives.
 To refresh the scent of ground spices and seasonings, heat them at full power thirty seconds.
 If stale bread wrapped in a paper towel and warm it on full power for one minute, the bread will again be as fresh.
 Almonds are easy to clean, if it is put in boiling water and warm up thirty seconds at full power.
 Walnuts are easy to peel, heating them in water four - five minutes at full power
 Orange or grapefruit easily cleaned of white flesh, if they warm up for thirty seconds at full power.
 In the microwave can be easily and quickly dry the peel of oranges and grapefruits. Put it on a paper towel and warm it at full power for two minutes. During the warm-up should be mixed peel. After cooling, it becomes dry and brittle. Store the dried peel in a tightly sealed container.
Microwave will squeeze the juice of a lemon or orange to almost drops even with a very thick peel of citrus fruits. Warm fruit a few minutes in the microwave, let cool, and you can easily squeeze the juice out of them.
 You can break the candied honey for 1-2 minutes.
 In the microwave can be dried for winter greens, vegetables, and nuts and crackers.
 In the microwave can knock ingrained smell of cutting boards - they must be washed, rubbed with lemon and "fry" in the microwave

Millie Brown - the artist draws with the vomit

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tickets exchanged for sex

   In the Netherlands, are increasingly found the proposal to exchange messages with your ticket on sex. Ticket prices will determine the number of hours the client license fee. 
   For example: the flight from Amsterdam to Washington, some citizens are willing to exchange for 3-4 hours of sexual services.
   In the Netherlands, prostitution is legal, so the police did not interfere, if the buyer ticket - adult, and the person who received "services" does not resort to violence or threats.
   One owner of a ticket from London to Singapore could not sell it for money, but the carrier did not want to take back the ticket and refund the money. Then the owner of the ill-fated ticket posted an ad on the Internet that will exchange the ticket for 45 minutes of sex with a young girl with a beautiful body and a pleasant smile.

The largest insect in the world

In New Zealand scientists found the largest insect in the world.
   American researcher caught a giant New Zealand cricket, hitherto unprecedented dimensions. Huge female barely fit on a human hand, and it even able to nibble a carrot.
   The length of the insect - almost 18 inches, and it weighs as three adult mice. 55-year-old researcher Mark Moffitt hunted two days for this insect.
   Before, it was thought that this species disappeared completely after Europeans brought rats to New Zealand.
   "We spent a lot of hours, without any hope of finding it, and then saw it on the tree. Giant Council - the largest insect in the world, and this - the largest of those that have ever found," - says the researcher. "It was so pleased with the carrot, it seems It did not notice the fact that was in our hands, and continued to chew," - said Moffitt.
   Having treated the cricket, people took pictures of it and sent back to the same tree.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kindness - the path to happiness.

 There was an ordinary lonely Ukrainian woman.
It was winter... Once she brought out the garbage in the trash, and met there a bum. She threw a garbage bag and hurried to go home.
    A week passed. She worked, lived her own life and never even thought about that man. 
   He lived in a box from under the refrigerator near the garbage (and this was at the harsh Russian winter).
   On Saturday, they brought her a new kitchen table, but there was no one to throw out the old table. She decided to somehow push the table to the exit, and to ask the homeless man to attribute it to the trash. So she did.
   Homeless man came and grabbed a table in his arms and carried! She offered the money to him (as usual, for a bottle of vodka), but he has looked at her and said, shyly smiling : "Thank you, I do not drink...Can you give me hot tea with a slice of bread? Do not worry, I'll wait there, in the hallway, on the window sill." His eyes were so sad. 
   She prepared tea and a sandwich with butter and sausage, poured a bowl of hot borscht with sour cream and brought him ... and hurried home, quickly shut the door, and was watching him through the peephole. Man ate, then turned toward the door and said softly, "Thank you. God sees everything! "... And left. 
    Since then, she fed this man.... 
   But one morning she did not find him in the usual place ... And in the evening too. When she did not find him the next day, she became worry, "Where is he? '. She searched all the neighboring yards, but he was not there. Anxiety is increasingly embraced her....      
    Finally, she found him in hospital. He was beaten, hungry, dirty ... But when he saw her, his eyes lit up! Life awoke in them!
- I could not even dream that you will come.... My name is Sergei. It is a pity that we met in such situation.  I nothing can give you in life. I can not even treat you with sweets or something else ... 
    All turned around in her soul from his words and from the pain in his eyes she saw there. Tears welled in her eyes.
- You're a fool, Sergey! .... I can not live without you!
    She took him from the hospital. They walked side by side, and Sergei was holding her hand, fearing that it is just a dream, and she will disappear now...

    19 years have passed. They have children ... Own business ... Two cars ... Large apartment, Villa with swimming pool... And he still firmly holds her hand - what if suddenly she'll disappear?