Saturday, January 12, 2013


One man began to publicly insult Omar Khayyam:  - You're an atheist! You're a drunk! Almost a thief!
In response, Khayyam just smiled.  Watching this scene, dandy, dressed in silk trousers the latest fashion, asked Khayyam:  - How can you tolerate such insults? Do not you hurt?
Omar Khayyam smiled again. And he said:  - Come with me. 
Dandy followed him in a dusty closet. Khayyam lit torch and began rummaging in the trunk, which found a completely worthless ragged robe.
He threw it a dandy, and said  - Try it, it's a match for you. 
Dandy caught robe, looked at it, and was troubled:  - Why do I need these dirty rags? I am a well-dressed, but you're probably crazy! - And threw the robe back. 
- See, - said Khayyam - you do not want to try rags. In the same way, I did not try on the filthy words that the man threw me. Be offended on insults - is the same as to try a rags, that throw us.

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