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DO YOU KNOW...Famous companies all over the world who worked with the Nazis

There is something uncanny in the efficiency with which the Nazis controlled the whole country, including its population and industry, realizing their sinister plans. Many well-known companies have acted in collusion with the Nazis, and for profit, sold their souls to the devil in many ways. You may be surprised at the sight of some of the names listed below.

Hugo Boss 
IBM developed punch cards, which were used to account for people's races and classes, which were destroyed.

Chase Bank
   Come to think of conspiracy Chase Bank (now JP Morgan Chase) to the Nazis is not random. One of the main holders of its shares, John D. Rockefeller funded the pre-war Nazi eugenic experiments, directly.
     Between 1936 and 1941, Chase and other U.S. banks helped the Germans to get over 20 million dollars. They got more than 1.2 million of commissions, of which half a million went to Chase. In those days it was big money.  
The finance of Jews who escaped from Nazi Germany, were the source of "earned" money. This fact is not embarrassed Chase - in fact, the bank has been enriched after Kristallnacht (the night of November 9-10, 1938, during which were pogroms targeted against the Jews, throughout Nazi Germany and Austria).
Chase also froze the accounts of French Jews in occupied France, even before the Nazists asked him about it.

Henry Ford was a notorious anti-Semite, who published a collection of essays titled "The International Jew. The initial global problem". Ford published his own newspaper, which he used as a piece of propaganda, accusing the Jews in First World War. In 1938, he received the Order of merit the German Eagle , the highest distinction of Nazi Germany, which honors foreigners.
The German administration of Ford issued a third of military trucks for the needs of the German army during the war. For that they used ​​the prison labor.

Bertelsmann & Random House
You may not have heard of Bertelsmann AG, but you will hear about the books published by many of its subsidiaries, including Random House, Bantam Books and Doubleday. During the time of the Nazis, the Bertelsmann has published the Nazi propaganda literature, such as "sterilization and euthanasia - the contribution to applied Christian ethics."
in 1933 they published work Willy Vesper, his enthusiastic speech about the burning of books.
The Bertelsmann made "indirect" use of Jewish slave labour in Latvia, and Lithuania but not at its German headquarters.
The head of the company, Heinrich Mohn, also made donations to the SS, Hitler's special forces and concentration camp guards.
The company had close ties to the Nazi regime, particularly the Propaganda Ministry, and printed 19 million books during World War II, making it the largest publisher for the German army. 

When you think of Kodak, right before your eyes faces family photos and memories captured on film ... But, did you know that during the Second World War, the German subsidiary of the company used forced labor.
In neutral European countries subsidiaries Kodak has a brisk business with the Nazis, giving them a market for their goods, and valuable foreign exchange.
Portuguese department transfered the profits to the Hague's, which was at that time under the Nazi occupation.
In addition to the manufacture of cameras, they have mastered the production of fuses, detonators and other military equipment for the Germans

     Did you know that Fanta - flavored drink with orange, was originally made ​​for the Nazis. It all started with the fact that the import of ingredients for Coke, which gives the brand its name, was difficult, and a control unit of Coca-Cola in Germany, Max Kite, invented a new drink that could be made from the available components.
     In 1941, Fanta debuted on the German market. Mack Kite was not a Nazi, but by supplying drink Germans throughout the war, the company has got hold of a hefty profit.
     ... After the war, they returned to the production of Coca-Cola, but distributed them among stationed in Europe of American soldiers.

Allianz is the twelfth largest company in the world of financial services. Founded in 1890 in Germany, at the time the Nazis came to power, it was already the largest insurer.Its leader, Kurt Schmitt, was the Minister of Economics of Hitler, and the company provides insurance of facilities and staff of Auschwitz.The company insured the property taken away from the Jewish people, in favor of the Nazis.Its director-general in charge of the practice of paying compensation insurance destroyed Jewish property as a result of Kristallnacht, in favor of the Nazi state, instead of the eligible beneficiaries.In addition, the company has worked closely with the Nazi government in tracking life insurance policies of German Jews sent to the death camps.

     While Bayer is notoriously, because starting its way as a unit manufacturer Zyklon B, which was used by the Nazis in gas chambers, it is not the only pharmaceutical company with skeletons in the closet. Swiss chemical company Ciba and Sandoz in a merger, to form Novartis.
     In 1933, the Berlin office Cibaterminate the authorityall members of the board of directors of the Jewish nationality, and replaced them with a more "acceptable" Aryan personnel. Meanwhile, Sandoz was engaged in similar activities in relation to its chairman.
     During the war, the company made ​​for the Nazis dyes, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
    Novartis frankly admitted his guilt, and tried to make up for it by donating $ 15 million in compensation to the Swiss Foundation for the victims of Nazism.

     In 1939, Nestlé has provided financial assistance of the Nazi Party in Switzerland, as a result of winning a lucrative contract for the supply of chocolate for the needs of the entire German army during World War II.
     The company has made a confession that in 1947 it acquired the company, which during the war forced laborers exploited.
     In 2000, Nestlé has paid into the fund more than $ 14.5 million for the settlement of claims affected by its actions.

BMW has admitted that during the war they used the labor of 30,000 prisoners of concentration camps.They produce engines for the Luftwaffe and motorcycles, thus becoming the supplier of military vehicles for the Nazis.

General Electric (GE)
    In wartime, General Electric, deliberately overstated the price of tungsten carbide, which is an important material for the machining of metals and was needed for the war effort by increasing the price of victory over Nazism, about $ 1.5 million. That's how much they earned it. 
     In 1946, the U.S. government has imposed a fine on General Electric in connection with its misconduct in the amount of .... 36 thousand dollars.

Iraq in the beginning of the 20th century (in photos)

The woman who was selling time

Meet, in this photo Ruth Belleville, London saleswoman of time.

In 1892, she took over the business of her parents. Every day, she cross-checked her chronometer clock at Greenwich Royal Observatory ... and then she delivered her customers the exact time (for example, watchmaker).

Like many other members of the oldest profession, Ruth suffered from progress. In February 1924, the radio station "Bi-bi-si" launched broadcast precise time from Greenwich, by the very famous six rings. As a result, out of 200 regular customers, only 40-50 customers remained faithful to she.

Ruth worked for nearly half a century, and in 1939, retired at the age of 85. During his career, she could pass for a certain artifact of history. Newspapers interested representative dying profession ... Radio interviewed her. In 2008, the National Museum in Greenwich has released a book about her.

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One man began to publicly insult Omar Khayyam:  - You're an atheist! You're a drunk! Almost a thief!
In response, Khayyam just smiled.  Watching this scene, dandy, dressed in silk trousers the latest fashion, asked Khayyam:  - How can you tolerate such insults? Do not you hurt?
Omar Khayyam smiled again. And he said:  - Come with me. 
Dandy followed him in a dusty closet. Khayyam lit torch and began rummaging in the trunk, which found a completely worthless ragged robe.
He threw it a dandy, and said  - Try it, it's a match for you. 
Dandy caught robe, looked at it, and was troubled:  - Why do I need these dirty rags? I am a well-dressed, but you're probably crazy! - And threw the robe back. 
- See, - said Khayyam - you do not want to try rags. In the same way, I did not try on the filthy words that the man threw me. Be offended on insults - is the same as to try a rags, that throw us.

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New Year in store

   73-year-old Frenchwoman spent New Year's night among of product in a supermarket in the town of Roubaix. The workers did not see her, and closed shop.
French felt ill and went to the toilet. Back in the salesroom, she found that store is empty and closed for all the locks. She repeatedly pressed the "panic button", but the guards did not respond.
Leaders supermarket, apologizing to the customer, said that during the holidays the system could only reacted to the invasion or the movement of goods in the hall.
The store manager found her Tuesday morning. The woman was tired - she could not sleep that night, but overall she felt good. However, she was taken to the hospital for examination.

Poisonous killer.

Recently, in the coastal waters of eastern Australia reported its enormous number of jellyfish. Most species of invertebrate marine animals are harmless. However, several deadly jellyfish species inhabits now off the coast of Australia ... including tiny Irukandji.
This tiny establishment is named in honor of one of the aboriginal tribes. It resembles a translucent white bell diameter of about 2 cm .. and has four long thin tentacles up to 1 m, covered with toxic cells.
Irukandji jellyfish is the most venomous creatures in the world. Touching its tentacles, a person experiencing acute painful shock, and its venom causes headache and muscle pain, discomfort in the abdomen and pelvis, nausea, hypertension, tachycardia, and pulmonary edema.
Irukandji jellyfish venom is 100 times more toxic than a cobra.
Irukandji jellyfish
(Latin name - Carukia Barnes)

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Fun Toilet Facts

Everyone uses the toilet... they are in every our homes now.
Did you know that the average person uses the toilet 2,500 times a year? That is three years of your life you spend with your toilet.
So, the toilets are an important part of our lives and we cannot live without them.

The Roman aristocracy of the 4th and 5th centuries enjoyed combining bodily functions with information gathering. The latrine floor was just as elegant as the other floors, with a beautiful mosaic

The workings of the latrine was as sophisticated as one might expect from the Romans, the creators of roads, central heating, and indoor plumbing. Under the seats a little canal of running water ensured that the room stayed fresh and clean. The pre-toilet paper solution was a sponge on a stick that got washed between uses, perhaps by the users themselves, but more likely by the many servants (slaves and free servants) that worked here.

Flushing toilets were invented in 1596, the first one was invented for Queen Elizabeth by Sir John Harrington.
Sir John Harington KCB (also spelled Harrington) (4 August 1561 – 20 November 1612), of Kelston, was a courtier, author and master of art, popularly known as the inventor of the flush toilet. He became a prominent member of Queen Elizabeth I's court, and was known as her "saucy Godson". But because of his poetry and other writings, he fell in and out of favour with the Queen.

King George II had an accident in 1760
and fell off the toilet and died.
By October 1760, at the age of nearly 77, George II was blind in one eye, and hard of hearing. On the morning of 25 October, he rose as usual at 6:00 am, drank a cup of hot chocolate, and went to his toilet, alone. After a few minutes, his valet heard a loud crash. He entered the room to find the king on the floor.  
A post-mortem revealed that the right ventricle of the king's heart had ruptured as the result of an incipient aortic aneurysm.

The toilet paper on a roll was only invented in 1890 Before that toilet paper was just a sheet of paper. 

The first toilet paper being used as far back at 1391AD.

A good fact
you walk into public toilets the first cubicle is the one that is least used, so it’s guaranteed to be cleaner.

There is a twenty four carat gold toilet, considered the most luxurious in the world, located in the Hall of Gold in Hong Kong.

The last interesting fact you may have never known about toilets is that the average life span of a toilet is fifty years.