Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wise Virgil

One day, the ancient Roman poet Publius Vergilius Maro arranged a funeral of the fly on the territory of land adjacent to his house. The ceremony was very real, with   grave diggers, and long speeches. So he officially turned his land into a cemetery ... He did this, because the cemetery lands were not taxed.

Fashion without any rules (Japan) :)

Japanese fashion has no rules or boundaries. You can put more clothes and other things ...Or to change  Asian facial features  on the European ... Or dye the skin in a dark brown color with a makeup ... You can wear the costume of their favorite anime character - All that  fancy tells you, the main thing is to stand out from the crowd. It does not matter if you bought your clothes in an expensive boutique, in second-hand or sew it yourself, the main thing - the intent is to your  suit  look bright, catchy to long remembered.  :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What is forbidden to use in advertising in the UK?

In the UK it is illegal to use in advertising of banking services and cute image familiar to all piggy bank.  
It turns out, ceramic pigs offend religious feelings of Muslims living in Britain.

PR before death.

What only, companies  not does for the sake of advertising their goods! So, in 1910, producer of cocoa "Van Houtens" promised to pay a large sum of money to one offender,  who was sentenced to death. The purpose of transaction was an advertisement of the cocoa. Before the execution, the condemned shouted to the crowd: "Drink cocoa Van Houtens!". The advertiser honestly  payed  the promised money to the heirs executed.
Due to such a  non-trivial advertising, this case made ​​history. And the advertising campaign were not in vain: the sale of cocoa risen sharply.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Enterprising the British

In 1670, King Charles II of England granted the newly created merchant " Hudson's Bay Company " exclusive rights to trade and hunt on the overseas territories of Canada  which the British have wrested from the French.
Agents Companies began buying furs from the Indians in exchange for firearms, gunpowder, tobacco and rum. Calculation was made as follows: Hunter was putting beaver pelts stacked to a height of guns, which he wanted to buy.
Soon the British have realized how they can get more furs for one gun. Commissioned by the company, they began to make guns with more long barrels. Beaver fur obtained in exchange for one gun, in England was more expensive of one hundred  new such guns.

Year Without a Summer.

During the eruption of the Tambora volcano in Indonesia in 1815, several hundred cubic kilometers of ash and dust were thrown into the atmosphere to a height of 24 km . Infiltrating into the stratosphere , solid emissions were dispelled by the air currents around the Earth. The result of such a powerful volcanic activity,  the normal weather conditions have undergone global change on the globe.
In some parts of Europe and the British Isles , average temperatures were at 1,6-3,2 ° C below normal.
In summer, from 6 to 11 June , at New England (USA) hit a heavy snowfall , and during the following months of the 1816 year the temperature dropped below 0 ° C.
In Western Europe, Canada and New England grain crops have been destroyed.
By the end of the  1816 y - at the beginning of 1817, the particles of volcanic ash and dust have settled , and the climate gradually began to recover.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A gibbet ... for a bad law !

Zalev - considered the author of the earliest written laws of the Greeks . His laws , aimed at establishing a moral order in the private and public relationship, were very strict.  To protect legislation  from schemers and adventurers, he has resolved : Anyone wishing to propose a new law or amendment must come to the meeting with a rope around his neck. If his laws or amendments will not be accepted , he should be hanged .
Perhaps thanks to this decree, during of 300 years was made only two corrections to the laws of Zalev.
He, also, has established the definite punishments for various crimes in order to eliminate the arbitrariness of judges.

P.S.: Perhaps today would do well to introduce a bill requiring parliamentarians to appear in parliament with no ties, but with ropes on their necks.  At least, that's for sure could save Ukraine.

To jail for toilet of President

7th May 2011  sergeant  of the Zimbabwe police, Alois Mabhunu , carried on duty in the building of the exhibition center, where was a high-level event. Sensing the need, man went to the toilet,
Unfortunately, the nearest to him toilet was reserved exclusively for the president, Robert Mugabe.  Security at the entrance tried to prevent him to go to the toilet , but  Mabhunu  elbowed guards, he locked himself in the toilet. Security immediately reported the incident to the presidential security service and police authorities.  Intruder was taken into custody. Sergeant received 10 days in jail by a decision of the district police disciplinary court Bulawayo.

In which African state snow falls each year?

Lesotho, one of the smallest countries in Africa. Remarkable in that it is surrounded on all sides by the territory of one country - South Africa. The country's climate is quite severe, which is not typical for this latitude. The state is at a considerable height - minimum mark a mile above sea level , the maximum three and a half miles. Because of this, Lesotho called " Celestial Kingdom". Summer there is pretty cool .  Snow in the mountains lay  permanently, temperatures up to - 17 degrees , and even in the lowlands is cold.
Mainstay of the economy is the mining of diamonds. There are 17 kimberlite pipes on the territory, two of which are among the ten largest in the world. There extracted high percentage of gem quality diamonds .
The main tourist attraction in Lesotho is a ski resort «Afriski» (« African Ski "), built in 2005. It is located in the mountains of Maluti at an altitude  3300 m.
Most of all,  European skiers come there from late May to mid-September. The resort is well equipped with different slopes and decent hotels .

However , Lesotho is one of the toughest places to live in the world , mainly due to the widest prevalence of AIDS (there infected 30 % of the populatio , according to the latest UN projections). The average life expectancy here has dropped to 37 years.

Which newspaper is published once every 4 years?

In 1980, in France was founded newspaper «La Bougie du Sapeur». It is published on a regular basis, every February 29. That is, only in leap years. Therefore journalists dubbed edition "Leap newspaper."  The real name of «La Bougie du Sapeur» can be translated as "Candle Minesweeper."  Newspaper name was given in honor of the sapper Camember, French comic hero, invented in the late 19th century. According to legend, he was born February 29, so he celebrated his birthdays once per 4 years. He was only 5 years old when he was taken into the army.
The most recent issue was published February 29, 2012. This is the ninth number since 1980 year. Circulation «La Bougie du Sapeur» - 200,000 copies. Newspaper sells for 4 euros. You can also subscribe to 100 years at a price of 100 euros.
It is interesting, that in each newspaper has is placed a traditional crossword puzzle, the answers to which are waiting for the reader in the next issue of the newspaper. That is, exactly after 4 years, 29 February 2016.
In 2004, the seventh edition of the newspaper came out with an application - it was the first newspaper «la Bougie du Sapeur - Dimanche».  Sunday  the application will now be issued only in those years when February 29th falls on a Sunday. That is, the next time  the application will be released on Sunday 29 February 2032. And in 2008, the newspaper came out with the first release of another application for women: «la Bougie du Sapeur - Madame».

Nylon stockings

In 1939, DuPont developed a new concern material - nylon! The manufacturer claimed that it much more elegant silk stronger than steel and is much thinner than
spider's web! It was the perfect material for stocking.
May 15, 1940 - The historic date. That same day, the first nylon stockings went on sale. How much do you think the stocking was then sold? 780000 pairs!

The history of the Computer Mouse

     Douglas Engelbart considered the historic father of computer mouse , who invented it in the Stanford Institute. And his idea embodied in the life PhD student named Bill English . The first mouse - a simple wooden box on wheels. She looked like a mouse with a tail , and the name stuck in the lab.
      A little later they were joined by Jeff Rulifson who developed the software for the computer mouse.
     Still stored at Stanford film where in the distant 1968 demonstrate incredible opportunities mouse for those times .
    It was perhaps the only such famous invention Engelbart .
     In the same 1968 Douglas Engelbart received 10 thousand dollars for his invention , and made the entire amount into his country house .

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pom-pom on the hat

Few people know the history of the emergence of pom-pom on the hat. However, it was invented for a reason, and in order to protect the head of French sailors. All the matter is that before when ships were building, few people cared of comfort, and the ceilings were very low inside of the ship.  And pompom defended the sailors head from a hitting the ceiling. It's been a long time ago, but even now, when ceilings are much higher, the red pompoms still adorn hats French sailors.

Man the legend Kalashnikov.

Around the world Russia known by four symbols : vodka, matryoshka , caviar and Kalashnikov ...
 Mikhail Kalashnikov - outstanding designer of small arms in the USSR and Russia , Lieutenant-General, famous as the creator of an AK -47
He was born in November 10, 1919 in the village of Kuria, Altai Krai , Russia. 
He was the seventeenth child in a large peasant family in which  were born  eighteen but survived only eight children. In 1930 his father, Timothy Alexandrovich Kalashnikov, was recognized a fist, and the family was exiled from the Altai region in the Tomsk region, village Lower Makhovaia .
Since childhood, Michael was interested in technique, with interest examining the structure and operation of different mechanisms. In school he loved physics, geometry and literature.
At age 18 he left his village and moved to Kazakhstan, where he began working in the depot accountant Matai Turkestan-Siberian railway. Communication with the machinists, turners, fitters depot strengthened interest to Michael art and engendered a desire to do something himself ... Creation of the world-famous machine was preceded by several inventions of weapons, which were not accepted into service because of some errors.
 In 1947, the USSR was a competition for the creation of the     automatic machine. All gunsmiths participated in it under pseudonyms. Sergeant Kalashnikov, having no secondary education, also set his latest invention to the contest. And his automatic machine, now known as the AK-47, won the famous gunsmiths. For this development, he was awarded the Stalin Prize. AK-47 was adopted in 1949, but a few more years (until the 1956) remained classified.
 In 1989, Mikhail Kalashnikov decided to meet with Eugene Stoner a creator of the  automatic machine M16 - the main competitor of AK. In the U.S., the Kalashnikov was greeted as a movie star, despite the fact that his face almost no one knew in  the world.
 Under the brand name "Kalashnikov" in Germany produce snowboards, watches, flasks, jars.
 AK rifle depicted in the coat of arms of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In different countries, boys are named in his honor.
Here is video about AK, but unfortunately only in Russian.
 ... Mikhail Kalashnikov now lives modestly, on the third floor of a building even without an elevator, with a woman who cares for him.
Once he said about the role of his invention in the life of the planet Earth:"If I had known - I would have become a watchmaker"Калашников_Михаил_Тимофеевич

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Never argue with a blonde :)

On the plane on a nearby chair blonde and a lawyer. Blonde silently turns and looks out the window.
Ahead is a long flight.
Lawyer says blonde :
- Let me ask you a question, if you do not know the answer - you'll give me $ 5. Then you ask me a question if I do not know the answer - I'll give you $ 500.
Blonde agrees.
- What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon ?
Blonde silently gives him $ 5.
Blonde :
- Who climbs the hill with three legs and comes down on four?
It took some time. The lawyer phoned to all the friends, rummaged through the Internet...  can't find an answer. Well, what to do, he gives  $500 to  the blonde and asks:
- Well, who is it?
Blonde silently gives him $ 5, and turns away to the window.

Big thank you to everyone :)

The Coffee Belt

 Along the equator, between the North tropic (Tropic of Cancer) and the Southern tropic (Tropic of Capricorn) is an unique area, which is called the "coffee belt". 
Tropical climate with minimal temperature fluctuations, moderate humidity and rich soil micronutrients create ideal conditions for the growth and maturation of coffee. In all, the "coffee belt"  includes more than 70 countries.