Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The loving Japanese was taken to the "loony bin" from the airport Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine)

A citizen of Japan, who spent almost a day without movement at the airport in Dnipropetrovsk, was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital.

As it turned out, 34-year-old Kemur Kentaro flew to Kiev to meet with the woman after years of separation. He met with her for about 9 years ago, but over the past six years, they do not communicate or even rewritten. 

One month later they arrived with her family to the airport, where they had a falling out for no apparent reason. 

Frustrated by the refusal of lover, he suddenly changed his mind to depart from the Ukraine and spent almost a day in the waiting room until the police officers on duty paid no attention to him.  Kimura refused to eat and drink, did not take any help, and kept saying that he did not need anything, then law enforcement officers called an ambulance. After seeing the sufferer, a psychiatrist found he had signs of mental disorder, so they took him to a psychiatric hospital.

After a survey of overseas patients, doctors concluded that he had no serious health problems. According to their opinion. slight mental illness was due to strong emotional stress related to rapid change of climate and time zone, as well as disappointment in love.

The patient is behaving perfectly normal, he communicates with everyone eats. Health disorder had not dangerous, so after the passage of rehabilitation he was able to safely return home.

To communicate with physicians and patients the hospital administration has found a translator for him. According to doctors, the man is more relaxed and realistic perceives his love disappointment, he even started to plan for the future after his return to Japan.

Incidentally, the Japanese embassy has already contacted the parents Kimura, and soon one of them has to fly to Kiev to take his son home

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The secret to cooking hard boiled eggs

Each one of us cooked the hard boiled eggs. You think, what the secret might be there? But you are not right. Did you ever paid attention to the greenish stripes along the edge of the yolk? This suggests that the eggs were cooked wrong. Properly cooked eggs has a white protein  and uniform yellow yolk.
It's very simple to do.
1. Put raw eggs in a bowl and fill it with water, so the water covered them for at least 1 cm
2. Put it on slack fire to slowly boil the water.
3. The moment, when the water start to boil, cover the bowl a tight lid and remove it from the heat.
4. Do not open the lid exactly 13 minutes. (this is very important - 13 minutes !)
5. All,  your eggs are perfectly cooked hard-boiled.

Bon Appetit!  :-))