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Sexual traditions of ancient Russia.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of the Indian Kama Sutra, the French love, Swedish family... And what about the Russian sexual traditions? Really, there was no tradition of their own sex  in Russia ?

Of course, the Slavs of ancient Russia, had a sexual tradition, as well as any other nation. But, unfortunately, have very few written sources from which to learn the intimate secrets of our ancestors. In the East, treated more carefully to the manuscripts, therefore, such documents as the "Kama Sutra" have survived intact.

Old Russian authors were monks. They felt unworthy of all that has been associated with sexual activity. Therefore, they avoided to deal with this aspect of life of Russian people in their writings.  
Any expression of sexuality in ancient literature is represented in terms of the extreme nature of the conviction and is unworthy, ignoble passions of sin. Old writers avoided using to denote sexual intercourse word "love." For a long time did not know the Old Russian literature, love poetry - folklore works carried out its function in society.

In pagan times, sex has played an important role for the Slavs. It was directly linked to notions about the world of the Slavs. Fire, water, sun, wind, trees - all the elements and objects, according to the ancient people had a soul, and sex, and, consequently, they were not alien to all human and all living things. Sex was quite common, that is, without chastity, but on the other side - without excesses and liberties.
In ancient times the Eastern Slavs settled along the banks of rivers. Historians describe the life, rituals and festivals of our ancestors, mention that men and women bathed together naked and making love. "Water" sex so surprised the Mauritius Strategy, the Byzantine historian of the VI century, he said it in his works.

The pagan festivals of the ancient Slavs were closely associated with the field work, weather events and everyday way of life. The symbols of the holiday were the sun, fertility and procreation, and therefore, it is accompanied by sexual rites.

For example, in the ancient rituals of the men in Russia symbolically fertilizes the earth: they sowed flax without pants, or at all without clothes. During the sowing of grain master and mistress should perform a ritual, during which time they made love right on the field.

To save the crop and save it from evil forces, naked girls and women bypassed the field late at night, singing appropriate songs. It was believed that human fertility and everything connected with it, stimulates the powers of earth and causes it to yield.

In order to bring rain during a drought, the women "showed" their genitals to sky.

The Slavs also had a lot of rituals and holidays, when men and women bathed together naked. One of them was dedicated to the goddess of fertility, and patroness of marriage Lada. Later that day became known among the people as the day of Ivan Kupala. On this day, reigned full sexual expanse.

Celebratory Dance of the Slavs, were erotic fun, because at the time of jumping is exposed private parts, which  usually  were covered with a skirt, a cape or jacket.

On the eve of the wedding ritual took place, which was called "jumping." Young people gathered in the house of the groom. Boys and girls were drinking wine, formed a circle, holding each other's shoulders, and started jumping, high kicking his feet, lifting their skirts skirts, and have fun singing songs with obvious erotic overtones. The holiday is usually ended with "sleep side by side."

"Yarovuha" - the name of another pagan holiday, it was on behalf of the pagan god of fertility Yarila. The essence of the fun was that after the festivities in the abode of the bride all the young people stayed to sleep together. Intimacy was banned, but otherwise the behavior of the young was not taboo.
Byzantine historian Procopius of Caesarea tells us in his writings that the Slavs could be from two to four wives. In Svyatoslavovich Vladimir, who baptized Russia, there were dvenadtsat.Krome that he had a 700-800 concubines. However, such a luxury could afford only person noble and wealthy ancient Russians.

Ibn Fadlan was an Arab chronicler. In 921 C.E., the Caliph of Baghdad sent Ibn Fadlan with an embassy to the King of the Bulgars of the Middle Volga. Ibn Fadlan wrote an account of his journeys with the embassy, called a Risala. This Risala is of great value as a history. Ibn Fadlan wrote about the Russians:

It is the custom of the king of the Rus to have with him in his palace four hundred men, the bravest of his companions and those on whom he can rely. These are the men who die with him and let themselves be killed for him. Each has a female slave who serves him, washes his head, and prepares all that he eats and drinks, and he also has another female slave with whom he sleeps. These four hundred men sit about the king's throne, which is immense and encrusted with fine precious stones. With him on the throne sit forty female slaves destined for his bed. Occasionally he has intercourse with one of them in the presence of his companions of whom we have spoken, without coming down from the throne. When he needs to answer a call of nature, he uses a basin. When he wants to ride out, his horse is brought up to the throne and he mounts. If he wishes to dismount, he rides up so that he can dismount onto the throne. He has a lieutenant who commands his troops, makes war upon his enemies, and plays his role vis-à-vis his subjects.

This is what Ibn Fadlan tells about the funeral rites of noble and wealthy ancient Russians.

From the close of the dead girl is chosen, which voluntarily agreed to follow the master in the realm of the dead. For ten days, when constructed, and the funeral boat of sewn clothing for the deceased, their relatives and guests take part in funeral ceremonies. "They are in the ten days of drinking, and combined [with women]. And the girl who would be killed in the ten days of drinking and having fun, adorns his head, and herself all sorts of ornaments and dresses, and so dressed up, is given to the relatives of the deceased. " It is included in each of the huts of relatives and combined with his boss, who tells her with a loud voice: "Tell your master, I made it out of love and friendship to you."

On the last day of the funeral, the same relatives of the girl to accompany the funeral boat, in a tent which six of them again, "combined with her in the presence of the deceased. Then, once they do away with the rights of love, it is placed next to the master, "and only an elderly woman (" Angel of Death ") cuts her throat. After this special people set fire to the boat, pre-taxed firewood.

In ancient times, the Slavs, to a certain degree of promiscuity existed relations inherited from the pagan celebrations. However, at the end of the pagan period (X-XI century), the sexual life has become universally regulated marriage men with one or more women.

In the late eighth century magicians performed the role of "deflorationmens." Namely, the "girl's bath," the day before the wedding, they were deprived virginity of brides who have not lost it earlier ...

Only in the tenth century Prince Svyatoslav issued a decree stating that "from now defloration is a duty of a  husband, and his dignity."

Princess Olga in 953 year issued a decree on the first known sex-wedding theme - on the money or compensation for the clothing that the bride was not virgin.

With the advent of Christianity in the Russian land (988) and the strengthening of the authority of the church (XII century), attitudes toward sex began to change.

Now, all those present at the wedding were to find out whether a virgin bride - it was a mandatory ritual.

Now, only spouses were allowed to cohabit, lawfully, church marriage and solely for the sake of "childbearing" and not "weak." Sexual abstinence was required for religious holidays, in a post on Sundays, Saturdays and Fridays. In strict compliance with all the bans had no more than 50-60 days a year for sex. To make it easier, some clerics recommended husband and wife to sleep separately.  In short, sex is no longer a matter of public holidays, and naturally, going to the level of intimate, secret, cherished, and even indecent.

Sex in marriage is now permitted only in one position - face to face, missionary. Other options were considered sinful. Moreover, the priests asked the people to confession, how and what they do (preserved missal containing sample questions, which the priest had to ask parishioners). For the offense was supposed to punishment: a long penance (3 to 10 years) with multiple daily bows. Sex in the standing position is also forbidden, and called an unnatural, because in such a position difficult to conceive. Kissing on the lips and in the private parts is also not encouraged. Anal sex is considered at all the great wickedness.

Orthodox Russia valued adultery, she was the chief virtue of family, especially for women. Her husband confessed adulterer, when not only had a mistress on the side, but had children by her. At the same time, the wife was considered guilty in any disclosures extramarital affair.

The greatest number of restrictions imposed on the church women's sexuality. Women are forbidden to apply any makeup, so as not to tempt muzhchin.nyya. "She is portrayed as a very dangerous and powerful source of temptation. "Good wife," was considered asexual woman who has experienced almost an aversion to sex ...

The Russian people, however, was in no hurry to respond to the priest's sermon.

Until the 16th century baths in Russia were common to both men and women.
It was only in 1784, Catherine the Great forbade the use of shared baths and ordered to build a separate bath - for men and women.


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