Monday, June 25, 2012

Love and Coffee

The history of coffee has not been without a romantic adventure. These events occurred in the 30s of the 18th century.

Almost i all the French colonies coffee trees grow good. Hosts plantations are strictly guarded their monopoly on the cultivation of coffee. Removal of shoots, twigs, saplings, seedlings, or fresh fruit coffee punished supreme penalty - death.

In 1727 there was a border conflict between the Dutch and French parties of  Guiana. As an arbitrator acted Brazil, which was presented to Lieutenant Colonel Francisco de Melo Palette. He was a clever, erudite and very talented man. In addition, he was a great admirer of women.

During negotiations, Francisco de Melo Palette had charm and win over the young wife of the governor of French Guiana. Soon she was ready for almost all, for the ardenadmirer.

At the banquet, which was completing the negotiations, the lady in love - the wife of the Governor - publicly presented a magnificent bouquet to Lieutenant-Colonel.

The bouquet had included a lot of  the rich Guiana  flora's representatives . None of the guests do not even have guessed that a few coffee plants with fruit were artfully woven into  the composition of the bouquet.

Thus, due to the mother wit of lieutenant colonel , thanks the love  woman ... Coffee trees  got in Brazil.

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