Friday, June 15, 2012

Napoleon & Chicken

A little history.
In the XVIII century in Europe chicken meat was cheap and affordable product. So it was on Corsica too. They say that by eating the bird almost every day for thirty years, Napoleon got it stable at once and becoming consul, under pain of the guillotine, he commanded never to give him a chicken.

They strictly followed his orders as long as virtuoso Culinary Lyahyuper was his cook. He silently listened to the disposal of the emperor and the next day gave him for dinner ... chicken.
Napoleon was in a frenzy of rage. Lyahyuper caused for an explanation, said the emperor that he was free of his death, but may first try dish. Surprised, Napoleon tried to interest the culinary dish and was amazed that she has a pleasant taste and smell than he ever tasted.

Since, Lyahyuper received permission to include chicken in the imperial menu.

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