Monday, June 11, 2012

The facts about how and why people fall in love.

It turns out there's nothing that scientists could avoid their attention. The proof of this is serve a research of the most inscrutable feeling, which called love. We hope that this work gave them pleasure. Well, here the facts about how and why people fall in love. 

Secrets of a romantic night
What you need to do to make your date turned into a romantic? Scientists know the answer to this question. Together the pair have to watch a good romantic movie. After watching this film, the probability of a kiss is increasing dramatically. Scientists came to this conclusion by testing hormone levels in men and women. One pair looked romantic film, the second - thriller, the third - a documentary about nature. The viewers of the documentary hormone levels did not change. I watched a romantic movie, there was an increase levels of the hormone progesterone, which reduces anxiety and makes you want to cuddle. Thus, progesterone can help a couple to start a romantic relationship.

Do you got married for the first counter guy?
This question is answered mathematician. The formulas show that if you have a dozen applicants, your chances of significantly increasing the right choice. But more is not better, if you have a choice of about 30 candidates, you may do even more optimal choice, but it increases sharply and the likelihood of infidelity.

The best time for love
Men and women are different. But there are times when they are strikingly similar. This is the first time love. According to scientists, due to the fact that at this time, as the boys and girls, there is a hormonal surge, they are strikingly similar to each other. In some ways, the boys acquire female characteristics, and the girls - for men. We have more chances to build relationships with those who have our features. This close agreement may take one - two years, and then returned to normal levels.

How do you know, whether it is a passion or love?

You blow away dust particles with the girl, thinking it was the love of your life. But your friends tell you that it's just a passion that will pass quickly? Scientists have found evidence that the man himself in a position to discern whether he is in love or it is driven by passion. Young people measured their brain activity after showing them pictures. Photos of close friends and romantic partners evoked activity in the right hemisphere of the brain. Pictures of sexually attractive men provoked activity in the left hemisphere. Thus, a person feels exactly who is in front of him - a romantic or sexual partner.

Favorite male name.
 The name of your partner is important to you,. It seems ridiculous, but this has a common sense. Why are some names attract us, like a magnet? Because we have a long-term positive relationship with some of the names. Perhaps that is the name of your beloved brother or you had a good friend with that name, when you were a kid. It is more chances for you to meet with such people . We project onto them unconsciously all the positive features of the familiar person, and we are more lenient with their shortcomings.
And if someone is in front of you, who is at least familiar to you in something , you are likely to choose it.

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