Monday, June 25, 2012

The House ... Love ... Longing ... (quotes + pictures)

Love and Coffee

The history of coffee has not been without a romantic adventure. These events occurred in the 30s of the 18th century.

Almost i all the French colonies coffee trees grow good. Hosts plantations are strictly guarded their monopoly on the cultivation of coffee. Removal of shoots, twigs, saplings, seedlings, or fresh fruit coffee punished supreme penalty - death.

In 1727 there was a border conflict between the Dutch and French parties of  Guiana. As an arbitrator acted Brazil, which was presented to Lieutenant Colonel Francisco de Melo Palette. He was a clever, erudite and very talented man. In addition, he was a great admirer of women.

During negotiations, Francisco de Melo Palette had charm and win over the young wife of the governor of French Guiana. Soon she was ready for almost all, for the ardenadmirer.

At the banquet, which was completing the negotiations, the lady in love - the wife of the Governor - publicly presented a magnificent bouquet to Lieutenant-Colonel.

The bouquet had included a lot of  the rich Guiana  flora's representatives . None of the guests do not even have guessed that a few coffee plants with fruit were artfully woven into  the composition of the bouquet.

Thus, due to the mother wit of lieutenant colonel , thanks the love  woman ... Coffee trees  got in Brazil.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Whole Building is built of ice .....Can u believe it!

A greatest love is a love to food :-)

The history and interesting facts 
about the chicken and other foods.

Napoleon & Chicken

A little history.
In the XVIII century in Europe chicken meat was cheap and affordable product. So it was on Corsica too. They say that by eating the bird almost every day for thirty years, Napoleon got it stable at once and becoming consul, under pain of the guillotine, he commanded never to give him a chicken.

They strictly followed his orders as long as virtuoso Culinary Lyahyuper was his cook. He silently listened to the disposal of the emperor and the next day gave him for dinner ... chicken.
Napoleon was in a frenzy of rage. Lyahyuper caused for an explanation, said the emperor that he was free of his death, but may first try dish. Surprised, Napoleon tried to interest the culinary dish and was amazed that she has a pleasant taste and smell than he ever tasted.

Since, Lyahyuper received permission to include chicken in the imperial menu.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How was the ancient pornography: amazing facts

For some reason, it is assumed that in recent years people have become  depraved  : naked bodies on TV, sex in the newspapers and magazines, not to mention the Internet. But pornography has existed since time immemorial.
For example,at the beginning of our era, the political and the secular elite of China had indecent images (lower scrap company did not have such an opportunity, because the production of porn images cost was very expensive).
The magnificent jade comb, might have been made in the Southern Dynasty 
period 420 – 589 н.э.

In those days, were written many books on how to behave in bed. Compared with them books, Kama Sutra can be considered as a simple book of life (after all, there is actually only a few chapters devoted to sex.)

In medieval Europe, fared no better. Even Leonardo da Vinci paid attention to the obscenity. Save the sketch titled "Coitus", which is reproduced with the anatomical accuracy of sexual intercourse (sex organs are drawn in section).
Prostitution flourished in those days, and selling women is not regarded as human beings. Even the Church is not treated the sex with the "night butterflies" as adultery. . A natural result was an unprecedented development of the market prostitutes.

A small otstupoenie: Representatives of the oldest profession (prostitutes) in the Middle Ages were to be an indispensable piece toilet - the green sleeves.

In the XVIII century, started a boom of pornographic pictures and texts. Even philosophers reads their porn work directly on the squareA well-known artists painted prints that do not yield the content of today's porn production.  Even the wife of Louis XVI awarded pornographic pamphlets. Marie Antoinette incriminate in an extramarital affair not only with men but with women!
Marie Antoinette

However, do not think that it all started with the ancient Chinese. In the excavations of the ancient city of Pompeii frescoes are found, archaeologists have even blushed. They say that the Romans were not ashamed at all stages of copulation and lavishly adorned the walls of their own homes. Wherever you went to visit, you will definitely see a huge male reproductive organ above the dining table.

So we are lucky - we live in an era of remarkable chaste!