Thursday, May 17, 2012

The United States. 6-year-old girl was arrested at school for a tantrum.

Six-year old girl from the U.S. state of Georgia was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken in handcuffs to a police station. This event led to wide publicity in the states.

  The reason for the detention, according to police, was 
babes "inappropriate behavior". It has been said, that "the procedure is the same for all", and they will not do any leniency , even taking into account baby age. Salecia Johnson, junior student, was detained in the office of school director. The protocol says that the girl was crying hysterically lying on the floor, stripped wallpaper from the walls, throwing furniture. She threw one of the drawers desk in the director, injuring his leg. When a policeman tried to calm her, she began to resist and escape, and then was immediately handcuffed.

  Saleshia was charged with defacing the  school property. But given that she was only six years old, most likely it will not come to court.

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