Thursday, May 17, 2012

A two-year girl IQ equate to the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's IQ

Emmeline Rotzher, which celebrated her only 2 years, with IQ 135, was officially accepted into the prestigious organization in the world (Mensa) for people who have high IQ. Based on this, Emmeline became the youngest member of this organization in the world. Today, IQ wonder girls equate to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's IQ. Only six points separates Amy from Adolf Hitler, who had IQ 141.

Interestingly, the doctors diagnosed "some delay" in the girl's mental development, when she was only 9 months. Doctors warned her parents that maybe Amy is autistic. However, they did not believe in it and begged doctors to see the girl vision. "It turned out that she just needed glasses," - said the girl mother, Michelle.

It is noted that Emmeline began to read in 1.3 years, and write before she was two years. To prove the absence of delays in the development of her daughter, Michelle arranged a test of mental abilities of the Emmy ... and found that, for her small age, she scored the maximum IQ - 135. Her remarkable results were sent to the organization Mensa, after which they sent Amy an invitation to join them.

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