Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tokyo Disneyland

The Disneyland Resort Gateway Station was really beautiful, with intricate designs on the walls, arched ceilings and skylights that cast shadows within the station. Look at the hands on that large Mickey Mouse clock!
Mickey Mouse made out of flowers!

A word to advice to Disneyland visitors: go there the moment it opens in the morning and stay there until it closes at night! The place is so huge and the lines are so long, one whole day is barely enough to see everything! There are a few of many rides:
- Haunted Mansion
- Big Thunder Mountain
- Mark Twain Riverboat
- Castle Carousel
- Snow White’s Adventures
- It’s A Small World
- MicroAdventure
- Splash Mountain
- Space Mountain
The Space Mountain ride is the most dizzying and thrilling ride of all! Just don’t expect any 360 degree rotation though. Disneyland is still primarily a kids’ paradise.
This is the world bazaar. It consists of two intersecting streets that form the entrance to Disneyland. You would find shops, caf├ęs and restaurants lining both sides of the streets. All the shops here are Victorian-styled!
Even the lampposts and rubbish bins look beautiful! How very quaint! This purple shop called Pastry Palace sells all kinds of cookies and pastries.

A cute Disneyland mailbox!

The most beautiful shop of the lot has to be this pink one. It’s a gift shop! There are a lot of people always.

Disneyland lunch 

Beyond the World Bazaar, the park is divided into 6 areas — Adventureland, Westernland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Toontown and Tomorrowland.
This castle forms the centrepiece of the entire Disneyland park. It’s really big and tall! You can see the castle from most places in the park.

The big Thunder Mountain was a wild ride on a runaway mine train through the mountains!
The queue for this mountain ride was so long, we had to get a Fastpass. With Fastpass, you could come back at the designated time printed on your ticket and take the ride without having to queue.

The haunted ride take you through a long tunnel. There translucent spirits floating about and this can impress you . The effect is pretty darn real!
A steam train runs round the Adventureland and Westernland. People would wave back at you when you wave at them.

 The Mark Twain Riverboat for a leisurely ride through the rivers of America.
They had a large selection of Pooh and friends merchandise. Cookies and pastries in the shapes of cartoon characters are the norm in Japan. There are all sorts of character-shaped cookies including Hello Kitty, Doraemon, and now Winnie the Pooh!

It’s A Small World! This is one large building that’s extremely eye-catching and very colourful!

This "Small World” is meant in its most literal sense. The long boat ride take you through a world of little people singing. There are colourful props and backdrops. It is very pleasing and delightful!
Over here, people are boarding the boat rides.

souvenir from Disneyland — a gold necklace with key and lock charms in the shape of Nickey Mouse.


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