Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sex as a cure for heart disease.

After 30 minutes of sex,
it becomes therapeutic.

  Scientists, on the basis of the analysis of biochemical processes that occur in the human body during sex, and found that from 31-minute sex is therapeutic. Thus, sex helps the body fight free radicals, activating chemical reactions that contribute to the emergence of various diseases.

  As the results of biochemical analysis, the hormones that are released during sexual intercourse, within 30 minutes, causing a devastating blow to free radicals. In general, having sex three or four times a week significantly improve circulation of people and twice as reduce the risk of heart disease. Also, scientists have proven that a woman during sexual intercourse becomes a source of electromagnetic oscillations and biologically active substances that have a positive influence on her partner.Самое%20интересное/65068_После%2030%20минут%20занятия%20сексом,%20он%20становится%20лечебным

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