Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saudi Arabia. Emo teens and gays will not be able to attend school.

In Saudi Arabia, completely banned teenagers with homosexual inclinations, enthusiastic subculture of emo and girls prefer boy's clothing style, to attend schools and universities

According to the published edition of "Al-Sharq" - "Appropriate orders sent to all public schools and universities. Purpose of this event - to resist the phenomenon, which is involved in some of the popularization of Internet sites."
Compliance with this order will follow the commission to promote virtue and against sin - the so-called morality police of the country. From the published publication remains unclear whether high-grade schoolchildren and students return to school, if fully abandon the style of clothes, which the authorities consider harmful. The article states that signed the order takes effect immediately.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has strengthened control over compliance with sharia law. In this country, is strictly forbidden to celebrate Valentine's Day, is not allowed concerts for a mixed audience. Among other things, the police morals also ensure that women with seductive eyes, did not try to show them in public.

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