Sunday, March 11, 2012

The truth about women, but with humor

The woman never takes off shirt, grabbed her on her back.

Women do not scratch their heads. First, they do not like to show their dismay, and secondly, it spoils the hairstyle
Women are often pulls the strands of hair on her finger, even a short ... or tickling her cheek with a brush of hair. Men seldom do so.

The woman had not really understand why players, lining the wall near the gate, make such a ridiculous pile of palms. Therefore, she does not flinch when at the movies the hero gets hit in the crotch with a boot.

Woman bites are not a cigarette of her teeth.  She does not leave it in the mouth, and always keeps in her hand.

Yawning, she covers her mouth with  hand, not with fist.

Taking a bath, a woman - whether a long-haired, short-haired or had been ill with typhoid - always pulls on her head  like a turban amateur from a towels. Causes of the eastern rite is unknown.

Raising to throw something, a woman removes her hand back, not sideways. That's why the ladies never sent to blow up tanks.

Women like these torn twigs, from which so much garbage. They call them "songs of dried flowers."

Turning to the call, the woman is usually  turns  only  hier head. But man unwraps part of his body because his neck is much less flexible.

Women are afraid of spiders, worms and mice. They also do not like the track, even very beautiful.

The vast majority of women believe that washing with soap and water is bad (How they wash their face - look in the bathroom).

Having sex, she thinks that if she looks beautiful.

When asked to show his hands, the men often hold out an open palm. Women hold out their hands, palms down, apparently in order to demonstrate the perfect manicure and size of diamonds.
Words that woman says, slapping on a finger with a hammer, you can skip to the uncensored broadcast of "Good night, kids." What says a man in such cases can not be broadcast.

Women open beer bottles with openers for beer bottles.

Women dominated the thoracic type of breathing. The men in the process of respiration is actively involved the abdominal muscles.

Women do not like it when they have free hands. Therefore, they always carry a purse - to pull at it's belt, hold the edge and endlessly digging in it. For lack of a handbag fit anything - a fan, gloves, a book, a flower.

To climb or descend the mountain women prefer sideways. Men just are arranged legs wider.

To review their heels, the women turn (look behind). Men are just turning a raised foot.

Women are quite indifferent, detached attitude to their own genitals. They are almost strangers to each other. Women do not talk to them, do not give them playful nicknames, do not take offense at them.

On a hot pebble or sand woman goes on tiptoe. A man comes only at the heel.

Sitting down, women squeeze their knees, or just keep them in parallel. Therefore preferable to have a neighbor lady in public transport.

Stretching, men spread out, or raise their hands, and women bent their elbows, pressing to the side.

The belt on the woman's robe tied above the navel, and men - below.

If the fly was unbuttoned at the woman on the street she a rather indifferent react to this circumstance and calmly buttoned pants.

Women caulk their ears with  fingers, and men - with hands.

When you ask a woman to give you a lighter, she sends you a lighter, but does not check your jumping ability, and reaction.

While dressing, she first put on a shirt, and then - pants. Men usually do the opposite.

A woman puts on gloves before going outside.

Lifting a heavy object, a woman will try to move it on its side. A man carries the weight in front of him.

Women prefer to keep a little money and large bills in the same place - in the wallet. Their pockets are rarely ring.

Women have a habit to sit down, tucking the leg under themselves
 or resting the heel with the perineum. Men do not allow
that to themselves.

To wring wet clothes by hand, a woman takes it with palms up, and the man -  with palms down.

And yet, after having sex the woman wants to stay awake and talking and kissing.

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