Monday, March 5, 2012

How to tell your child about sex?

Sex is not the issue, which is usually discussed with the children. How and when to tell children what sex is, every parent has to decide, but sooner or later the child will ask you this question.
Most adults are horrified by such questions and begin to convince the child that this is a dirty shameful thing. In doing so, they are often very fond of sex. But with this approach, complexes occur in a child and there is no sex education.
According to psychologists, parents should tell children about sex, but not advanced friends. Do not ride sexual education of the child.
Lack of information on this topic, will inflame the child's interest and tempt him to try sex as soon as possible.
Psychologists are advised to prepare for it beforehand. First of all, read a few books good sexologists. When the child reaches 6-7 years old, give him a children's book about sex (just make sure that the book was just for children). After reading discuss it with him.
Habit in the child to talk with you "uncomfortable" topics, otherwise it will not come to you for advice in adolescence. Learn to speak freely and frankly about sex, but without coming down to debauchery.
Remember, if an early age you praise a child for his frankness and honesty, you grow a perfect man. In the future he will be a good lover, if you teach him to sincerely express their love. Even if that while  the love of parents.
Praise him for taking care of you, for the ability to give affection. Do not hide information about sex, he still finds it from other sources, but then he will not have confidence in you. Stay calm, when the kid asks you the   uncomfortable questions.
Help yourself to work out in their positive attitude towards masturbation. It is not a disease but a way to reset the age of sexual energy. Teach your child to defend themselves against sexual assault.

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