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How to teach children to protect themselves from sexual assault.

Violence can be avoided!
It is necessary to properly assess the situation and make the right decision. Your children must learn to trust their own feelings. If suddenly they appeared even a little doubt in the man (woman) who is near (or something alarmed them), they'd better get away from this man.


Observing the safety rules, your child will be able to take the right decision in a difficult situation and avoid a meeting with the offender.

For this, the child must always remember   "The Rule of Four " NO ":

• Do not talk to strangers and do not let them come into the house.
• Do not go with strangers  into the elevator or into the entrance.
• Do not sit in the car with strangers.
• Do not delay on the street after school, especially after dark.

And if a stranger asks to see just the right house, or bring a bag to hold in store?

Anyway, tell him - NO!

Explain to him (her), how to find the street, and in any case does not yield to the entreaties of conduct. If a stranger says that he knew your parents, whom they sent to you, you have to say that the parents did not warn you, and in any case, do not go anywhere with a stranger.

In what situations should always say "NO!":

• If someone offer you to come to visit or to ride you to the house, even if it's neighbors... say NO!
• If a stranger came to the school or babygarden to pick you up, but the parents did not warn you in advance, say NO!
• If, in the absence of parents came to an unfamiliar person, you can not let him come into the apartment or to go with him somewhere. Say NO!
• If a new friend treats you something, you  must resolutely refuse. Say NO!

Unnecessary conversations with strangers

Too often, criminals are use children's credulity. They can offer a ride to the house, or watch animal , to play your favorite game on his computer, go to the movies .. Do not agree to this, in any case.

Explain to your children that the offender does not always have a terrible face. Any maniac can turn into a good and kind man or woman.
So our advice:
- To all entreaties to go somewhere to watch something or play,  child should say "NO!",  even if it is very interesting. And be sure to come home to tell an adult about this man.

But what if an adult is very persistent?
If he tells you: "I thought you were already big, but it turns out, mom does not allow you! ".
You must escape from this man, mad. And when you got home, it is necessary to tell your parents about it.

So, here's what you need to know to avoid becoming a victim:
• If a stranger asks you how to find out a street or house, explain how to walk, but in no case go with him.
• If someone tries to convince you, you should answer that you have to go home and warn parents to tell them where and with whom you go.
• If a stranger offers you something to watch or to help bring a bag or promises to give you money, answer "No!"
• If someone offered you in the movies or participate in a beauty contest, not consent at once, but ask when and where you should come with your parents.
• If the car slows down next to you, get away from it as far as possible and in any case, do not sit in it.
• If a person does not leave you alone, go to any home and make it appear that it is your house. Wave a hand and call relatives, who seemed to see in the window.

Where criminals are waiting for their victims?

In the elevator!

• Come into the elevator, just making sure that the site is no stranger, which will go into the elevator behind you.
• If a stranger is already in the elevator, which you are called, do not enter into the cabin.
• Do not enter the elevator with a stranger.

If a stranger did come into the elevator,
• Do not stand back to him and watch his actions.
• Always click on the button next floor.
• If the elevator doors opened, rushed to the site, call tenants to help.
• Once in the security, immediately told his parents about it. Need to call the police and report what happened, the exact address, as well as signs and direction, where the attacker left.

And if you still can not escape, you must act according to circumstances:

• If the abuser pinches your mouth and removes clothing, do not threaten, do not cry, stay calm, talk to the abuser.
• If you can - protect by all means, if you had the opportunity to run away, do not take your things and run away in what you are.

At the entrance!

• Approaching the house, pay attention to whether there is any trace. If someone is going - do not come to the door. A walk on the street for 15-20 minutes, and if an unknown man continued to walk behind you or waiting for you far away, tell  about him to any adult you will meet there, or will marching forward.
• If there is a door phone, before you enter into the entrance, call your apartment and ask parents to meet you.
• If a stranger is already in the doorway, immediately go out into the street and wait until someone from the adult home residents will go to the entrance.
• Do not go up the stairs at a later time. It's better in the morning take out the garbage.
• When a sudden attack of assessed the situation and possibly run away or protected in any way

In a strange CAR!

Machine - is not only a means of transportation, it can also become a tool of the criminal. Child  must clearly know that he can not sit in someone else's car, even if a woman driving it or sitting in the cabin.
To avoid becoming a victim, being in a strange car should perform "Rules of Conduct in-car":

• If you get to a passing car, ask the accompanying record number and brand of car and driver's name and tell his parents about it.
• If the driver began to show sexual interest, ask to stop. If this requirement is not fulfilled and the machine is not stopped, then open the door or try to break a window ... do everything possible to attract the attention of other drivers to the car. If the crossing patrol, try to draw the attention of a police officer.
• Do not agree to a proposal to take the driver's travel companions, and if he insists, ask him to drive a little further and come out of the car.
• Do not sit in the car if it is already sitting passengers.
• Walking along the road, always move towards the transport.


On the street, even in the daytime, many dangers lurking children. Here's what to do if a stranger sticks to you:
• Do not wait, when someone grabs you.
• If you can, throw something in the face of the attacker (eg, briefcase, a bag of shoes or just a handful of little things) that for some time to bring him into confusion and distract.
• Run away to the side, where a lot of people.
• If it pinches your mouth with his hand, bit his hand as much as possible.
• Use any auxiliary equipment:
Pen, brush or keys - stabbed it in his face or leg or arm;
Any spray - blow it in his eye;
heel - stomp  a heel strongly on his foot ... or strongly stumps heel into his shin.
• Fight hard, do not wave your hand randomly. It is necessary to inflict maximum pain to attacker.
• As soon as he will weaken the grip - run away.

Rules of conduct on the street:

• If you have to walk alone at night, step quickly and confidently and do not show fear, you can go to a woman who inspires confidence, or an elderly couple and move next to them.
• At the bus, tram, subway, sit closer to the driver or the engineer of the train and come out at the last moment, not showing in advance that the next stop, is yours.
• Do not vote on the road and do not respond to the offer or to request a ride to show how to find such a place. In no case do not sit in the car, to show the way.
• Do not go to remote and uninhabited places.
• Go down the street in a dark time in the group that came out of the bus, metro and train.
• Go through an underpass in the group.
• Seeing in front a group of people or a drunk, better go to the other side of the street and changed the route.
• If the car begins to move slowly near, go to the other side.
• Always warn family members about where to go and ask them to meet you in the evening.

House is not always safe
Adolescent girls who start intense communicate with their peers, to be in youth companies and get the first experience of an intimate relationship, must be prepared for what they deemed old enough to intimate relationships are not confined to just a kiss.

It must be remembered that the majority of sexual assaults committed are no strangers with the offender's  appearance, but with friends, acquaintances and even relatives. Half of rape does not occur in a dark alley, or park entrance unlighted, but at the victim's home or at a party.

Going to visit a little-known young man, or a party at a big company should remember the following rules of conduct:
• In most cases, the girls agreed to go to a restaurant is regarded as an understanding of what would follow, and as a sign of consent. Subsequent resistance is seen simply as a game.
• If you feel uncomfortable there, do not be ashamed of your care.  You need to leave or to affirm you respect to the situation, say a resounding "No".
• From the begining, clearly define the boundaries of possible relationships. This is the main principle of protection against rape.
• If the pressure continues, do not be afraid of noise, or scandal, for example, at a party - a few minutes of embarrassment better than the risk of rape. In general, only with trusted friends it is safely to go to a big company ... and not to lose sight of each other and go home together.
• Remember that a drunken person more difficult to sort out the situation and prevent violence against themselves. With strangers, and a large party, you must always remain sober. Stay together with close friends or close to a good friend.

But violence threatens not only teenage girls. Everyone should know the rules of conduct in their own home:
• Before you open the door, be sure to look through the peephole. Lets in an apartment only familiar people.
• Leaving the apartment, look through the peephole, too. If on the landing there are people ... wait until they leave.
• If the plumber or the electrician came without a call before to let him, call to the operations center that serves your home and point-reference.
• When returning home, you feel that someone pursue you , do not go into the house and come back in a crowded place, and ask for help.
• Before opening the front door key, make sure that no one is nearby.
Do not let a stranger come into the apartment!
Every child needs to understand that adults are talking on the serious business only with their parents. If they brought a telegram from the mail, or through, but then they need to sign  for them, it means that it can do only adults.
Why, then open the door?
The child should simply say that they should come at a time when adults are at home. The same applies to the electrician and plumber. Even if  the lights went out at the house suddenly, or burst pipe, you can call your parents, and learn how to act. In a pinch, you can ask neighbors who have know good.

But even worse, when children are raped by close relatives.
Then life becomes a nightmare.
These "family" of crime, usually stretched over time and revealed only when the kids decide to take extreme measures: trying to commit suicide, run away from home.
Children usually hide these terrible facts, because they subconsciously feel guilty and afraid of what's happening in the contempt of others. Seducer assures that all will cease to love you if they knew what had happened. That's why these precedents may be repeated several times.

What to do when violence occurs in the family?

First of all,  a child has rights that are protected by law!
Any child can go to the police. By law, a rape of a minor may be commenced without the submission of the application.
If for some reason, a minor is not possible to go to the police should go to mother, friends, familiar to the neighbors, teachers. Or call the helpline.
Of course, it's hard to do, but still needed!

It is important to remember to parents!

• Respect your child, do not let the others and you do not force your child to do something against his will.
• If you know the neighbors that the child is being abused, beaten by parents, report it immediately to the police.
• If your child tells you about an unhealthy interest in hin from the side of your husband, listen to your child. Talk to your husband, do not leave your child alone with him, and if the relationship had gone too far, go away from this man. There is nothing more than the happiness of your own child.
• The father must talk with his son about all the questions regarding sexual activity, explain to his son how to protect himself.
• The mother should explain a girl  how to behave with the opposite sex, about contraception.
• If you notice strange behavior of the child, talk to him, find out what worries him. It's better when the father has a conversation with the boy, without the presence of the mother.

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