Friday, March 16, 2012

Eyes - a mirror of the soul

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. But not all of us know that it’s possible to read by other person’s eyes. So you can get to know his emotions and feeling.

If the other person looks straight in eyes then he is extremely interested in discussion topic or in you personally. However, it should be noted – too long eye contact shows that your companion is something scared or does not trust you. In this case, the look is nothing but an attempt to control you.

If the man gives a woman a long and intent look, it means that he likes her much. This look is a subconscious attempt to hypnotize a woman to make it more accessible and relaxed.

If your mate meets your eyes for a moment and then takes a look aside, it may mean that he is not concerned about your discussion or just wants to finish this boring conversation. If the look is directed upwards, it means that you cause a persistent irritation, and perhaps contempt.

Sight, directed at the upper right corner indicates that your interlocutor is trying to recall some association, for example, a familiar piece of music melody, and whatnot. If he tries to imagine something that is not heard before, the view will certainly go to the left. Look right and down means that a person is actively engaged in internal dialogue or is thinking about how to continue the conversation.

If your partner lowers his eyes, it’s a clear sign of discomfort or embarrassment. In a conversation with a woman, a man who puts eyes shows his timidity and shyness. It does not mean that the woman is not interesting for him.

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