Saturday, March 3, 2012

Discovering facts about crocodiles

Interesting and informative facts about one of the oldest members of the animal world - about crocodiles.

The name "alligator" means "worm stone". It is derived from ancient Greek "Step" - a stone, "Dilo" - a worm.

The crocodile has 60 teeth. 
He can change them to the hundreds of times for life.
Reasons of teeth are hollow inside, there are developing new teeth.

These reptiles can jump out of the water
to a height of two meters.

The first condom invented the Egyptians, for two thousand years before Christ.
It was made of crocodile guts.

The average life expectancy of 50 years, crocodile.
Centenarians may live to be 100 years old.

The crocodile has spetsiflnuyu membrane, which closes his eyes during his immersion in water. So his eyes are protected from exposure of water, but he can see everything.

All modern crocodilians adapted to an amphibious lifestyle. 
But 3,000 years ago in New Caledonia were carried overland crocodiles.

Crocodiles peculiar to cannibalism. 
Larger individuals can devour smaller neighbors. He is able to eat someone else's clutch of eggs or newly hatched offspring.

The nostrils and ear holes closed sliding valve in the water.

The male has a harem of 10-12 females.

Jaw crocodile adapted for grasping the attack. Attacking large prey, the crocodile grabs it with jaw, and spinning, tearing chunks from the victim.

Even the old and toothless crocodile is still deadly. The strength of his jaw pressure is equal to several tons, which allows it to easily grind the bones and  body  of the victim.

Crocodile meat tastes like chicken. It is present flavor of musk, which is unusual for Europeans.

The crocodile has no lips and it's mouth can not be completely closed.

In the stomach of a crocodile is a special stone. They help the crocodile grind food, and provide the center of gravity.

The crocodile could not eat anything for a year.

Grebnisty crocodile can swim in the sea 600 miles from shore.

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