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The World’s Most Unusual Restaurants

Some people dine out at the same places over and over again. Other people dine out a variety of different restaurants but typically end up getting the same basic set of cuisine. There's nothing wrong but that but once you've eating at so many Chinese, Italian and Mexican restaurants it can be difficult to really find any of them to be all that exciting. If you want to go beyond the basics of dining out then you need to seek out more unusual restaurants. There are restaurants around the world that offer unique dining experiences that add a new twist to the old story of just going out to eat.

Ninja Restaurant
New York
The only restaurant in the world where Ninjas serve you
While patrons work their way through the tasting menu at this Japanese restaurant, servers dressed as ninjas perform magic alongside their tables. Expect to spend quite a bit on the sushi--but realize you’re really paying for the entertainment.

Ice Hotel Restaurant
Sverige, Sweden
The main restaurant of the famed Ice Hotel chain is, oddly enough, not made of ice. But they do serve meals on plates made from the ice of the Torne River, which borders Sweden and Finland. Elk and reindeer appear frequently on the restaurant’s winter menu.

Ice house

Chillout is the first ice lounge in the Middle East where everything from decoration, furniture and teacups is made from ice.
Guests enjoying themselves at the chilling ice lounge
 Inside of the lounge you will have a -5 Celsius environment where basically everything from decoration, furniture and teacups are made of ice… but outside of the lounge, you will have a constant heat of over 40 Celsius in daytime. Just bizarre.

Toilet Restaurant
Taiwan,  Taipei
Creative restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan with modern decor and full-on toilet theme

All 100 seats in the crowded diner are made from toilet bowls, not chairs. . Sink faucets and gender-coded "WC" signs appear throughout the three-storey facility, one of 12 in an island-wide chain of eateries. Would you like to taste the ice-cream shaped like faeces?
 Probably not the best place to bring a child in potty training...

Prison Restaurant  
"Alcatraz" is a prison-themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The patrons are escorted to their "cells" before they are served cocktails named "Lethal Injection". Dishes such as "Incest Salad" and "Adultery Dish" are part of the menu in this weird, weird establishment.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
Welcome to the first underwater restaurant in the world. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island’s aquarium-style restaurant sits 16 feet under the Indian Ocean’s surface just between a coral reef and a lagoon.

There are only about a dozen seats in the restaurants, and if you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, you’ll be dining with the fishes. You can bask in all that blue as the tables are surrounded by an arched, clear, acrylic ceiling which can give you 180º view of the sea.

Diners can reach the restaurant through a wooden walkway from an over-the-water Sunset Grill. This restaurant cost $5 million to build and served its diners a four-course Maldivian fusion menu. The food is definitely worth the visit as those live sea creatures envy everything that’s put on your plate.

Among the ones you should try are the crab tower served with thin ciabatta and a swirl of truffle mayonnaise. The Maldivian chili and banana mascarpone which is plated with cream and crushed basil is also worth trying.

Have Dinner in the Sky
Dubai, Paris and Brussels
In this century, people can fine dine anywhere they choose. If the under-the-sea restaurant wasn’t odd enough for you, now you can also have Dinner in the Sky. This restaurant has branches over Dubai, Paris and Brussels. Here, up to 22 seat-belted diners can have their meals on a seven-ton table which hangs by a crane. The table hovers 165-feet above the city. This is not a very good idea if you happen to be afraid of heights.

It’s also not ideal if you don’t have enough money. To reserve for the restaurant, you need to pay $30,000 for eight hours. This includes the two hours it takes just to set up, one hour to prepare before the lift, and only about a minute to lower the table if anyone needs to go to the bathroom. It’s just a bother, though, because if one person needs to go to the loo, the entire table needs to descend with him/her.

All meals for this experience will be catered privately. You will also enjoy this video about this dining experience.

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant
north of Auckland, New Zealand
The Redwoods Treehouse was commissioned as part of a marketing campaign by Yellow in 2008. The result is a striking pod-shaped structure built ten metres high in a Redwood tree near Warkworth, north of Auckland. Access to the Treehouse is provided by an elevated tree - top walkway which was built using Redwood milled on site.

 Redwoods Treehouse is a versatile space as a corporate venue for private functions and events. The pod itself holds 30 guests either at seated tables or casual stand up. Experience Group Travel has a dedicated 32 seat coach available to facilitate transfers to and from the venue. Because of this unique location, coach access to the property is mandatory under the consent given to operate as a venue for hire. 

Eat as you like, pay as you feel
Perth, Australia

Food is essential for one's existence. However one is limited by the amount one can consume. Annalakshmi welcomes guests from all walks of life where one pays what his/her heart feels. This facilitates the generosity of some to do a noble deed of providing for the less fortunates through the services of Annalakshmi. Annalakshmi, the "mother" of sustenance sits on the banks of the Swan and provides an ambient atmosphere where vegetarian dining is a cultural experience. 
A Hindu monk once left the shores of India and founded the concept of Annalakshmi - The Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, in Malaysia. From Malaysia, the concept of serving humanity through the arts spread to neighbouring Australia. Here on the banks of the Swan, Annalakshmi has found a new abode to serve the community. Here at Annalakshmi, the food is prepared and served with love and the undiminished notion of service to humanity. Volunteer staff strives to touch the hearts of our guests everyday. The Hindu monk behind the wonder that is Annalakshmi is Swami Shantanand Saraswathi (or Swamiji), who has inspired us to serve you our dear guests. Through your generosity you not only give us the honour and privilege to serve you with the culinary and performing arts but also allow us to help the underprivileged in India via The Temple of Service, providing free food and medical services.

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