Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tallest man in the world married.

Tallest man in the world married a woman whose growth is two-thirds of his growth. The wedding took place in the city of Erdos, where, according to one version, the tomb of Genghis Khan, and was organized by the traditional Mongolian ceremony of the XIII century.
56-year-old resident of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Sishun Bao, whose height is two meters 36 centimeters, met his bride Xia Shutszyuan rise of one meter 68 centimeters at the beginning of the year. Bao began to search for a bride in the world-wide in 2006 and even received over 20 responses from interested girls from all over the country, but he found his destiny in his native region
 Before the wedding the groom, dressed in national costume specially made blue with a gold vest, went to the house of his 28 year-old bride in a cart drawn by two camels. The cart followed the limousine. According to Mongolian tradition, the bride's relatives tried to "stop" Bao and do not let him drive to the house.
 However, after the vows the groom's relatives relented and offered him tea in a sign that he was adopted into the family. Bao was unable to make a traditional bow before the father-in-law, and because of his huge stature and arthritis.
At the wedding ceremony were more than two thousand people, among whom were the relatives, the press and the many onlookers. According to the newlyweds, after the establishment of the family they plan to open their own shop and to "live peacefully and happily."

 As reported by Xinhua, up to 16 years, Bao was completely normal growth, but then he started to go up sharply, and after seven years has grown to two meters 36 centimeters.

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