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"Marry me":
the most unusual marriage proposal
Who has not dreamed of making a marriage proposal to his lady in the Valentine's Day? However, today is appreciated not so much the romance of the situation as a creative approach.


In 2011, a 30-year-old American from Atlanta, decided to call his girlfriend to marry. But ру цфтеув to do this so that she immediately agreed, and will always remember this moment. Everything turned out as he planned.

First of all, according to tradition, the young man went to girlfriend's father. This conversation was captured on video, but there was visible only their hands. The potential groom told his future father in law that loves his daughter and asks for her hand. At the end of the movie men shook hands, which meant that the consent of her father.

His girlfriend went to the cinema in the company of several family members to see the movie "Fast and Furious 5 '.  But there (by appointment), instead of the trailer for the film, it was shown this video.
Flabbergasted girl recognized the voice of her father and future husband, could not take eyes off the screen. She was still in a state of shock from occurring when a young man approached her and stood up on his knee, making an offer.
Moved girl said yes. Relatives who were with her at this time, rushed to congratulate the bride and groom. All this is filmed on tape and made a special vidio movie for friends and relatives who were not present during this event.

 Later the couple posted this clip on YouTube for their friends, calling it "The best marriage proposal of all time." In just a couple of days that movie became a hit - it looked more than 13 million times. Perhaps this video was inspired by someone on the new feats for the sake of the woman.

The ceremony for 5 minutes

Another "video performance" garnered more than 5 million hits in just two weeks ... Its director was a lover man from California.

He asked the lady of his heart to the restaurant. After supper, a young and beautiful girl suddenly ran up to him and kissed him, and then doused him with water and slapped him. All this happened so quickly that the bride could not figure out anything and looked at all this, taken aback by surprise.

Then events took an even more tragic. Before she had time to recover, police arrested her companion. Nothing realizing the bride burst into tears in the community manager of the restaurant.

But the show was just beginning.

Suddenly, a policeman approached her, took her hand and asked her to follow him. They left the restaurant and entered the square, filled with a busy crowd of people, acrobats and dancers.
At this point, the music dies down and there is a coach, from which come the men in tuxedos, and begin to dance. Among them, she saw her lover ... He approached the girl and gave her a marriage proposal. Shocked she said yes.

However, the show has not ended there.

Groom said he did not intend to wait a single second, and wants to get married immediately. Just this moment the bewildered girl surrounded by people who have been put on her wedding dress ... right on top of her clothes . Dressing her in a way, they led the bride and groom in "Wedding Hall".
The bride has time to ask only one question to her future husband: "What about my parents and relatives?".
The groom looked away, where guests of the ceremony settled. There were all her family.

The wedding ceremony took place right on the town square, next to the small restaurant where the couple had gone just a dinner.

Crossword-puzzle or "terrible" proposal

However, it is not necessary to become a director of a complex performance, to offer his beloved's hand and heart. For example, a resident of Virginia, knowing the bride passion for crossword solving, he decided to use it to ask for her hand.

He contacted the editors of the "Washington Post"  newspaper and asked for help, explaining what he wants. As a result, one of the Sunday editions of newspapers, there was a crossword puzzle, which was encrypted message to his girlfriend. He left quietly slip the desired number of the newspaper to girl. His calculation was correct. The result was not long in coming. Solve crossword puzzles, she did not believe her eyes when she saw there a proposal to marry, addressed to her. Meanwhile, her young man was standing beside her and was holding a wedding ring. As you guessed it, she took it.

The tragic fall from roof

However, sometimes a fantasy fiance is not so romantic, and harmless. Thus, an American lover, decided to propose to his girlfriend on the roof. But at the moment when he decided to tell her "something very important ...." he stumbled and fell down. Horrified, she ran to the edge of the roof ... and saw the living and the hunky lover, who was lying on the trampoline ... and the words "marry me."


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