Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tallest man in the world married.

Tallest man in the world married a woman whose growth is two-thirds of his growth. The wedding took place in the city of Erdos, where, according to one version, the tomb of Genghis Khan, and was organized by the traditional Mongolian ceremony of the XIII century.
56-year-old resident of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Sishun Bao, whose height is two meters 36 centimeters, met his bride Xia Shutszyuan rise of one meter 68 centimeters at the beginning of the year. Bao began to search for a bride in the world-wide in 2006 and even received over 20 responses from interested girls from all over the country, but he found his destiny in his native region
 Before the wedding the groom, dressed in national costume specially made blue with a gold vest, went to the house of his 28 year-old bride in a cart drawn by two camels. The cart followed the limousine. According to Mongolian tradition, the bride's relatives tried to "stop" Bao and do not let him drive to the house.
 However, after the vows the groom's relatives relented and offered him tea in a sign that he was adopted into the family. Bao was unable to make a traditional bow before the father-in-law, and because of his huge stature and arthritis.
At the wedding ceremony were more than two thousand people, among whom were the relatives, the press and the many onlookers. According to the newlyweds, after the establishment of the family they plan to open their own shop and to "live peacefully and happily."

 As reported by Xinhua, up to 16 years, Bao was completely normal growth, but then he started to go up sharply, and after seven years has grown to two meters 36 centimeters.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free Arabic Jokes

OSMAN: Doctor, in my dreams, I play football every night..
DR: Take this tablet, you will be ok.
OSMAN : Can I take it tomorrow, tonight is final game.

OSMAN complained to the police: 'Sir, all items are missing, except the TV in my house.'
Police: 'How the thief did not take TV?'
OSMAN : 'I was watching TV news...'

OSMAN : People consider me as a 'GOD'
Wife: How do you know??
OSMAN : When I went to the Park today, everybody said, Oh GOD! U have come again..

Malaysia islamic fashion show

A model showcases a creation by Malaysian designer Signature during the Islamic Fashion Festival in Kuala Lumpur

Nothing is impossible people are awesome

Dubai valentine day ))))

طفله كوريه ترقص رقص شرقي Korean baby dancing Arabic Dance

Great machine

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do not run with the bare buttocks in front of the queen :-)))

In October of last year, the British royal couple visited Australia. There happened an amusing incident. 

Liam Lloyd Warriner, a 22-year-old barman from Sydney, dropped his trousers and ran alongside the Queen’s motorcade for 50 metres, with an Australian flag clasped between his buttock cheeks.

According to the "offender", he went to this scandalous act, argued with his colleagues. Those claimed that he did not have the courage to do so. The guy won the argument.
At the same time Warriner said, his act was a political protest to show his contempt for the monarch. "What's uncivilised about it? We come into the world naked."

But he had to fork out for it $800. It is a punishment that Warriner was sentenced in a Brisbane court on a charge of creating a public nuisance.  

It is not clear whether the royal couple observed the buttock-borne flag.

Ater the court he said, that he would repeat the act if Barack Obama were to make another visit.

In Japan, robot girl entices a sweet tooth

A romantic stranger on the eve of Valentine's Day chocolates in the window advertises one of the shops in Tokyo

"Dzheminoid F" - the so-called android, made by experts at the University of Osaka.

 Locals and tourists come a whole companies to take a look at the robot.

Love can kill

On the eve of St. Valentine's Day British doctors have shown that such feelings as love, fear and grief  can actually kill a person, causing a rupture of the heart, the newspaper The Gurdian

As the newspaper writes, cardiac surgeon, Alexander Lyon believes that the overwhelming fear, severe mental pain or, conversely, pleasure can lead to heart failure. Now, this phenomenon is called "broken heart syndrome."

The cause of the disease - a massive adrenaline rush, which paralyzes the lower chambers of the heart and carries the entire load to the upper chamber.

Previously it was thought that adrenaline makes the heart work faster. But the discovery of Dr. Lyons said that this is not always the case. In some cases, epinephrine, on the contrary, cause weakness and paralyzes the heart in the body that almost inevitably leads to loss of life.

Opening of the "broken heart syndrome," explains why so many people die in the first days after the loss of loved ones.

Dr. Lyon believes that people who have died from the "broken heart syndrome", far more than official statistics show. He believes that this syndrome can masquerade as a normal heart attack or coronary heart disease.

Perhaps one of the proofs of his innocence may be a recent case in the U.S.. In Pennsylvania, a couple Marjorie and James Landis, who have lived in wedlock 65 years, died in one day. The first has died aged woman, a former pilot in the Air Force parting told her that soon they will meet - 88 minutes later, he died of a heart attack.

It is noteworthy that earlier researchers from the University of Glasgow, came to the conclusion that after the death of one spouse to the risk of dying within the next six months, widows and widowers increases by 30%.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


"Marry me":
the most unusual marriage proposal
Who has not dreamed of making a marriage proposal to his lady in the Valentine's Day? However, today is appreciated not so much the romance of the situation as a creative approach.


In 2011, a 30-year-old American from Atlanta, decided to call his girlfriend to marry. But ру цфтеув to do this so that she immediately agreed, and will always remember this moment. Everything turned out as he planned.

First of all, according to tradition, the young man went to girlfriend's father. This conversation was captured on video, but there was visible only their hands. The potential groom told his future father in law that loves his daughter and asks for her hand. At the end of the movie men shook hands, which meant that the consent of her father.

His girlfriend went to the cinema in the company of several family members to see the movie "Fast and Furious 5 '.  But there (by appointment), instead of the trailer for the film, it was shown this video.
Flabbergasted girl recognized the voice of her father and future husband, could not take eyes off the screen. She was still in a state of shock from occurring when a young man approached her and stood up on his knee, making an offer.
Moved girl said yes. Relatives who were with her at this time, rushed to congratulate the bride and groom. All this is filmed on tape and made a special vidio movie for friends and relatives who were not present during this event.

 Later the couple posted this clip on YouTube for their friends, calling it "The best marriage proposal of all time." In just a couple of days that movie became a hit - it looked more than 13 million times. Perhaps this video was inspired by someone on the new feats for the sake of the woman.

The ceremony for 5 minutes

Another "video performance" garnered more than 5 million hits in just two weeks ... Its director was a lover man from California.

He asked the lady of his heart to the restaurant. After supper, a young and beautiful girl suddenly ran up to him and kissed him, and then doused him with water and slapped him. All this happened so quickly that the bride could not figure out anything and looked at all this, taken aback by surprise.

Then events took an even more tragic. Before she had time to recover, police arrested her companion. Nothing realizing the bride burst into tears in the community manager of the restaurant.

But the show was just beginning.

Suddenly, a policeman approached her, took her hand and asked her to follow him. They left the restaurant and entered the square, filled with a busy crowd of people, acrobats and dancers.
At this point, the music dies down and there is a coach, from which come the men in tuxedos, and begin to dance. Among them, she saw her lover ... He approached the girl and gave her a marriage proposal. Shocked she said yes.

However, the show has not ended there.

Groom said he did not intend to wait a single second, and wants to get married immediately. Just this moment the bewildered girl surrounded by people who have been put on her wedding dress ... right on top of her clothes . Dressing her in a way, they led the bride and groom in "Wedding Hall".
The bride has time to ask only one question to her future husband: "What about my parents and relatives?".
The groom looked away, where guests of the ceremony settled. There were all her family.

The wedding ceremony took place right on the town square, next to the small restaurant where the couple had gone just a dinner.

Crossword-puzzle or "terrible" proposal

However, it is not necessary to become a director of a complex performance, to offer his beloved's hand and heart. For example, a resident of Virginia, knowing the bride passion for crossword solving, he decided to use it to ask for her hand.

He contacted the editors of the "Washington Post"  newspaper and asked for help, explaining what he wants. As a result, one of the Sunday editions of newspapers, there was a crossword puzzle, which was encrypted message to his girlfriend. He left quietly slip the desired number of the newspaper to girl. His calculation was correct. The result was not long in coming. Solve crossword puzzles, she did not believe her eyes when she saw there a proposal to marry, addressed to her. Meanwhile, her young man was standing beside her and was holding a wedding ring. As you guessed it, she took it.

The tragic fall from roof

However, sometimes a fantasy fiance is not so romantic, and harmless. Thus, an American lover, decided to propose to his girlfriend on the roof. But at the moment when he decided to tell her "something very important ...." he stumbled and fell down. Horrified, she ran to the edge of the roof ... and saw the living and the hunky lover, who was lying on the trampoline ... and the words "marry me."

What and where in the world are presented on Valentine's Day

In Western Europe, Valentine's Day was widely celebrated in the 13th century in the U.S. - since 1777.

The tradition of giving gifts on that day grew stronger with each passing year ... and became the occasion for quite a successful business. For example, at the beginning of last century, Americans have been taken to send to their brides marzipan, which were quite expensive.

In Japan, the tradition of giving sweets on this day came with the filing of a major company for the production of chocolate. They began to celebrate Valentine's Day in the 30s, and still remains the most popular chocolate gift. By the way, there is Valentine's Day a bit of a "March 8 for men," because Japanese men are, perhaps, even more gifts than women: men's accessories such as razors, lotion, wallet and so on.

Passionate French give jewelry on Valentine's Day.

In Denmark, romantic people send each other dried white flowers.

In Britain, February 14 unmarried girls get up before sunrise, get near the window and look at the passing men. According to legend, the first man, whom they see - her betrothed.

But there are some countries in the world, where a special concern for the celebration of Valentine's Day. Saudi Arabia, for example, the only country in the world where this holiday ... officially banned - under pain of heavy fines.
Don’t wear anything red or be seen in public carrying red roses or heart-shaped balloons and other items symbolizing Valentine's Day. Also, they should not be seen blowing kisses, if not kissing their friends or workmates in public, or they'll be in big trouble.

In ancient times in Russia was a lovers' holiday, only it was not observed in the winter, but in early summer. It has been associated with the legendary love story of Peter and Fevronia and dedicated Kupala - Slavic pagan god, the son of Perun.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Interesting facts about the Philippines

I have never been to the Philippines but I have heard and seen enough about the place to make me want to visit there one day.

The Philippines are a collection of about 7000 islands, which are located in the Pacific Ocean in Asia just below China and above Malaysia and Indonesia.

It consists of three main areas which are, the island of Luzon in the north where the capital, Manila is based, the Visayas islands scattered throughout the centre and the island of Mindanao in the south.

The Philippines was one of Spain's colony from 1521 to 1898. Subsequently, it went into the hands of the USA. The USA bought the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam from Spain in 1898.

It was the first Southeast Asian country to gain independence in 1946, following World War II.

The capital of Philippines is Manila and the national language is Filipino. Note this because if you replace the 'F' with the 'P' you would be pertaining to us - people of the Philippines. 

Luzon is the largest island in the archipelago. 

There are 1,268 Chocolate Hills on the island of Bohol.

Its capital city Manila was named after a white-flowered mangrove plant, the nilad or Scyphiphora hydrophyllaces. It is a tree with white star-shaped flowers but yields dark blue dye that's why in other countries it is called 'indigo'

The people of the Philippines are from different ethnic origins such as Malay, Chinese, Spanish, American, etc.

$1 USD = PhP 45 (Philippines pesos)

On the islands of Philippines, there are more than 200 volcanoes, though only a few are active. 

In the Tabon Cave Complex of Philippines, fossil evidence of Homo sapiens has been found. According to the studies, the area was inhabited around 50,000 years ago. We really have a rich heritage and history to unearth.

They drive on the right side of the road but sometimes you will find that they are driving on the left or maybe just in the middle. Road signs . . . what's a road sign?

Cock fighting IS legal on the Philippines.

Tarsier is the smallest living primate and is found here. 

Beaches! With 7,000 plus islands, we have miles and miles of shoreline piled high with fine white sand, lapped by warm waters, and nibbled by exotic tropical fish. From the stormy seas of Batanes to the emerald isles of Palawan--over here, life is truly a beach.
Filipinos' eat tons of rice! They eat a very high carbohydrate diet and are the tiniest/skinniest people and everything contains sugar . . . even the spaghetti sauce.

Most people cook with an open fire and they burn their trash so it constantly smells like smoke. 

What is unforgettable at the Philippines – there is no doubt that the answer will always be “the food”. You will always remember the Lechon Kawali (Crunch Pork with Shrimp Sauce), or Kare Kare (Oxtail Stew with Annato Peanut Sauce)...

 The karaoke was invented in the Philippines and not Japan. Karaoke means “singing without accompaniment” in Japanese was invented by Roberto del Rosario. The invention of “Sing-Along-System” was later called karaoke. 

What’s still most impressive to me about the Philippines is the friendliness of the people, their sense of humor…

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The World’s Most Unusual Restaurants

Some people dine out at the same places over and over again. Other people dine out a variety of different restaurants but typically end up getting the same basic set of cuisine. There's nothing wrong but that but once you've eating at so many Chinese, Italian and Mexican restaurants it can be difficult to really find any of them to be all that exciting. If you want to go beyond the basics of dining out then you need to seek out more unusual restaurants. There are restaurants around the world that offer unique dining experiences that add a new twist to the old story of just going out to eat.

Ninja Restaurant
New York
The only restaurant in the world where Ninjas serve you
While patrons work their way through the tasting menu at this Japanese restaurant, servers dressed as ninjas perform magic alongside their tables. Expect to spend quite a bit on the sushi--but realize you’re really paying for the entertainment.

Ice Hotel Restaurant
Sverige, Sweden
The main restaurant of the famed Ice Hotel chain is, oddly enough, not made of ice. But they do serve meals on plates made from the ice of the Torne River, which borders Sweden and Finland. Elk and reindeer appear frequently on the restaurant’s winter menu.

Ice house

Chillout is the first ice lounge in the Middle East where everything from decoration, furniture and teacups is made from ice.
Guests enjoying themselves at the chilling ice lounge
 Inside of the lounge you will have a -5 Celsius environment where basically everything from decoration, furniture and teacups are made of ice… but outside of the lounge, you will have a constant heat of over 40 Celsius in daytime. Just bizarre.

Toilet Restaurant
Taiwan,  Taipei
Creative restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan with modern decor and full-on toilet theme

All 100 seats in the crowded diner are made from toilet bowls, not chairs. . Sink faucets and gender-coded "WC" signs appear throughout the three-storey facility, one of 12 in an island-wide chain of eateries. Would you like to taste the ice-cream shaped like faeces?
 Probably not the best place to bring a child in potty training...

Prison Restaurant  
"Alcatraz" is a prison-themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The patrons are escorted to their "cells" before they are served cocktails named "Lethal Injection". Dishes such as "Incest Salad" and "Adultery Dish" are part of the menu in this weird, weird establishment.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
Welcome to the first underwater restaurant in the world. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island’s aquarium-style restaurant sits 16 feet under the Indian Ocean’s surface just between a coral reef and a lagoon.

There are only about a dozen seats in the restaurants, and if you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, you’ll be dining with the fishes. You can bask in all that blue as the tables are surrounded by an arched, clear, acrylic ceiling which can give you 180º view of the sea.

Diners can reach the restaurant through a wooden walkway from an over-the-water Sunset Grill. This restaurant cost $5 million to build and served its diners a four-course Maldivian fusion menu. The food is definitely worth the visit as those live sea creatures envy everything that’s put on your plate.

Among the ones you should try are the crab tower served with thin ciabatta and a swirl of truffle mayonnaise. The Maldivian chili and banana mascarpone which is plated with cream and crushed basil is also worth trying.

Have Dinner in the Sky
Dubai, Paris and Brussels
In this century, people can fine dine anywhere they choose. If the under-the-sea restaurant wasn’t odd enough for you, now you can also have Dinner in the Sky. This restaurant has branches over Dubai, Paris and Brussels. Here, up to 22 seat-belted diners can have their meals on a seven-ton table which hangs by a crane. The table hovers 165-feet above the city. This is not a very good idea if you happen to be afraid of heights.

It’s also not ideal if you don’t have enough money. To reserve for the restaurant, you need to pay $30,000 for eight hours. This includes the two hours it takes just to set up, one hour to prepare before the lift, and only about a minute to lower the table if anyone needs to go to the bathroom. It’s just a bother, though, because if one person needs to go to the loo, the entire table needs to descend with him/her.

All meals for this experience will be catered privately. You will also enjoy this video about this dining experience.

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant
north of Auckland, New Zealand
The Redwoods Treehouse was commissioned as part of a marketing campaign by Yellow in 2008. The result is a striking pod-shaped structure built ten metres high in a Redwood tree near Warkworth, north of Auckland. Access to the Treehouse is provided by an elevated tree - top walkway which was built using Redwood milled on site.

 Redwoods Treehouse is a versatile space as a corporate venue for private functions and events. The pod itself holds 30 guests either at seated tables or casual stand up. Experience Group Travel has a dedicated 32 seat coach available to facilitate transfers to and from the venue. Because of this unique location, coach access to the property is mandatory under the consent given to operate as a venue for hire. 

Eat as you like, pay as you feel
Perth, Australia

Food is essential for one's existence. However one is limited by the amount one can consume. Annalakshmi welcomes guests from all walks of life where one pays what his/her heart feels. This facilitates the generosity of some to do a noble deed of providing for the less fortunates through the services of Annalakshmi. Annalakshmi, the "mother" of sustenance sits on the banks of the Swan and provides an ambient atmosphere where vegetarian dining is a cultural experience. 
A Hindu monk once left the shores of India and founded the concept of Annalakshmi - The Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, in Malaysia. From Malaysia, the concept of serving humanity through the arts spread to neighbouring Australia. Here on the banks of the Swan, Annalakshmi has found a new abode to serve the community. Here at Annalakshmi, the food is prepared and served with love and the undiminished notion of service to humanity. Volunteer staff strives to touch the hearts of our guests everyday. The Hindu monk behind the wonder that is Annalakshmi is Swami Shantanand Saraswathi (or Swamiji), who has inspired us to serve you our dear guests. Through your generosity you not only give us the honour and privilege to serve you with the culinary and performing arts but also allow us to help the underprivileged in India via The Temple of Service, providing free food and medical services.