Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Zodiacal Rules For Quarrel

It is well known that representatives of different zodiac signs love differently. But it turns out, they argue differently, too. Find out how to deal with your lover during the conflict, and you can avoid a breakup.

There are no couples who live without conflict. We're not talking about the causes of quarrels, we'll talk about characteristics of each sign and what can help you to avoid a scandal.

The element of Earth
Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.
Representatives of these characters prefer honesty, trust, stability and reliability. About all that relates to your relationship, you need to talk to them openly, without the vague hints and equivocation. Try to earn their trust ... and deserved it, trying not to lose it. Do not play with the earth signs in the game, do not try to impress them with his ingenuity, not throw them astray unexpected surprises - they do not appreciate, and you will only scare them.

The element of air
Libra, Gemini and Aquarius
As for air signs, with their representatives the situation is reverse. As it should be easy marks, they are constantly in motion, they like to change and experimentation, they easily fit in with other people. That's why simply tie a relationship with them, but to save them ... Alas, inconstancy, impetuosity - it features typical of many in the element of Air. So be patient with them and then maybe they will become a reliable partner for you.

The element of Water
Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.
Water element is native to them. The world of dreams and fantasies - it is their ancestral home. Be prepared to see that every word of what you say becomes a kind of food for their dreams. Moreover, they also firmly believe in their imagination! Therefore, it is enough simply to curry favor with signs of Water: tell them nice things, nourishes them with promises of hope, and they are willing to believe in the dream. But heaven forbid you try to dissuade them! Better that they continue to dream!

The element of Fire
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
An entirely different approach is required to representatives of the element of Fire. They are a born leader, always striving to have their own, to show the own "I". At the same time, they desperately need the support ... in recognition of their superiority on the part of loved ones. Do not try to argue with the fiery signs, they are terribly stubborn, so they would not admit their mistakes ... otherwise, you set them up against yourself. Tell them what they want to hear: you - the-most-most...! And then, a sign of fire will be completely satisfied with themselves, and your relationships.

As you can see, some knowledge of astrology can really give you a simple but effective way to build relationships with loved ones. Be patient and persistent, if convinced that you do not want to lose that person, who is now with you.

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