Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vicious corporal punishment at Chinese school of martial arts

In my westerner’s mind when I try to imagine a school of martial arts, I see lots of training, sweating and pushing my limits…but in the real world things may be different.

These shocking images are from the famous Tagou Martial Arts School in China where students are violently beaten by the school’s instructors when pupils are not observing the school’s rules and regulations regarding absenteeism (I would be absent if I had my arse lashed like that!), or talking after bedtime, using cellphones or smoking.

Apparently 9 students out of 10 who had been beaten, prefer not to reveal what is going on behind the walls because they are afraid of being even more severely beaten.
The trainers are hitting the students using staffs and the buttocks are the preferred spot because having more flesh there won’t be internal injuries!!

A trainer who is not willing to have his name made public said:

There are many students in the martial arts school, and difficult to manage students are even more. Using verbal discipline doesn’t work most of the time with those who smoke, drink alcohol, or cause mischief. This [using physical punishment] is most direct and effective way, and the most convenient way to manage [discipline]. We too have no choice.

An ex Tagou student commented:

At a martial arts school, it should be like this. If students become “flowers in a greenhouse”, they will easily break/snap. If we want to raise awareness of martial arts in the world, then suffering hardship and pain is necessary. An old master once told me: “Being beaten by me is better than going out and then being beaten by others!
What do you think? Is it acceptable because part of the training?

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    And we wonder why they are so good