Monday, January 16, 2012

US penny worth over million dollar

See this penny? Guess how much is worth? No, not just one cent but $1.38 million!!

This is a 1793 copper coin from the earliest days of the US Mint, got recently sold at a Florida auction to an undisclosed buyer. Although there are a few hundred pennies from 1793 held by collectors, this one is special because it wasn’t in circulation.

Its auctioneer, the Texas-based Heritage Auctions, said that the coin was made by the Philadelphia Mint when the US started making its own coins in 1793.
The coin shows no wear on its lettering, its Lady Liberty face or the chain of linking rings on its back.

The linking rings on the back of the coin were intended to represent the original 13 colonies, but critics claimed the chain was symbolic of slavery and the design was quickly changed with a wreath replacing the chain.

You must REALLY have a passion for coins to spend that much $$ for an old piece of copper! LOL

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