Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Unknown Japan

In Japan, Valentine's Day, the girls show affection and give gifts, do not wait until the Japanese man typed the courage to approach her.

Before Japan opened the west, the only word to describe the romantic sympathy was the word 恋 (koi), literally meaning "an irresistible attraction for something unattainable."

In Japan, fish and meat are cheap, but the fruits are very expensive. An apple costs two dollars, a bunch of bananas - five. The most expensive piece of fruit is a melon. In Tokyo, it can cost you two hundred dollars.

Pornography (Hentai) in Japan is sold absolutely everywhere. Every grocery store must have a separate shelf for free publications on the counter with the press. In small bookstores, it is one third of the whole range, as at major bookstores for pornography play 2-3 floors.
Hentai is allowed to freely sell to minors.

In Japan there are subway cars for women only. They are attached in the morning, so that no one molested the girls in the rush hour. Japanese voyeur ... Feeling girls packed train is something like a national sport.

At the same time in Japan, one of the lowest per cent of rapes in the world. Strange, considering the above, but it is a fact.

The question of honor still plays a central role in Japan, even in politics. There's prime ministers resign if they can not fulfill a campaign promise.

Japan mono-ethnic country, 98.4% of the population are ethnic Japanese.

In Japan, the prisoners have no right to vote.

The ninth article of the Japanese Constitution forbids the country to have its own army and take part in the wars.

Tokyo is the safest metropolis in the world. Tokyo is so safe that children are six years old use public transport independently. It's fantastic actually!

The Japanese consider the outside world is very dangerous and are afraid to travel. The most dangerous country they believe the United States.

In Japan they eat dolphins: boil soup, cook Japanese skewers (kusiyaki), even eaten raw. In the dolphin quite tasty meat, clearly marked with a taste quite different from the fish.

In Japan, categorically not taken to give (and take) a tip. It is believed that as long as the customer pays for the service assigned to the price, he remains on a par with the seller. If the buyer tries to leave extra money, this is seen as a sop

You will not find in Japan the toilet without the heating stool. Instead, you will find at least 10 buttons to control various functions. For example, to turn the sound of running water, which will hide your sounds emitted.

In Japan, there is no garbage cans, because all the garbage is recycled. Waste can be divided into four types: glass, burned, recyclable and does not burn trash. Each type of waste are taken on a certain day and it can be disposed only in strictly allotted day of week. For violation of the procedure -is a heavy fine. This is about one hundred thousand yen (one thousand dollars).

There are no bins on the streets at all, only the special bins to collect bottles. This is a good example of that pure, where no shit.

In Japan, the snowman mold made strictly out of two balls, not three, as in the rest of the world.

In Japan, still 30% of marriages are arranged by parents courtship.

In all the northern cities of Japan, where the snow falls in winter, heated sidewalks and streets. There is no ice, and snow do not have to clean up. Very convenient!
At the same time in Japan, no central heating. Each apartment warms as you can.

In Japan, you can smoke everywhere, except the railway platforms and airport

In Japan, always the first to serve men. The restaurant, in the first place will order a man ... And it will be the first to whom they will bring a drink. The stores are always greeted first with a man.

The Japanese love big сars. City car is rarely seen even in a crowded Tokyo, but there are so many SUVs.

In Japan, always  first serve the men. The restaurant leaves man first order, and he first brought the drink. The stores are always greeted first with a man.

Japan - the last country in the world, formally retain the title of the Empire.
The Japanese Imperial family has never been interrupted. The reigning Emperor Akihito today a direct descendant of the first Emperor Jimmu, the founder of Japan in 660 BC.

The Japanese are always talking about food, and when they eat, then discuss how they like it a treat. It is considered impolite if you had dinner and have not uttered a few times "oishii" (delicious).

In Japan the school year begins the first of April and is divided into trimesters. Students learn from April to July, then, from September to December and from January to March.

The Japanese language is simultaneously used three types of letters: Hiragana (syllabic writing system for Japanese words), Katakana (syllabic writing system for the borrowing of words) and Kanji (ideographic writing).

In Japanese, there is practically no personal pronouns. The words are sometimes used as pronouns, are still at least one value. In English, for example, the pronoun "I" does not mean anything except "I" in Japanese 私 (vatashi - I) also means "private, personal»; 贵 方 (Anata - you) - "my lord." Use the "Anata" politely only when we first met, then decided to contact the other party by name or by post.

In Japan, there is no guest workers. This is achieved by the simple law: in Japan allowed the minimum wage for foreign workers exceeds the average salary of Labour Japanese. Thus, the way the country is open to highly-paid professionals ... and hire foreigners for unskilled labor has no meaning. Solomonic solution.

In Japan, a very low pensions. The maximum payment of social needy elderly is 30 000 yen (about three hundred dollars). There is also no mandatory pension insurance. It is assumed that every Japanese must  self to take care of own old.

In Japan, a very expensive vehicles. The cheapest ticket on the subway will cost 140 yen (about 1.4 dollars).

Mount Fuji is in private ownership. In the temple, Hong Senge preserved by deed of gift in 1609, according to which the Shogun passed the mountain  into the  temple  possession.  In 1974, the Supreme Court of Japan confirmed the authenticity of the dedication, after which there was no other choice but to pass the mountain  into the ownership of the temple. Because the right of ownership in Japan  is enforced rigorously.

Japanese language consists of several levels of politeness: colloquial, respectful, polite and very courteous. Women almost always speak in a respectful form of language, men - in  colloquial.

In Japanese, there is no name for months, instead, they are designated by ordinal numbers. For example,  September is 九月 (kugatsu), which means "the ninth month."

In Japan there is no racism. In my opinion, this is very cool.
Japan the best country in the world.

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