Sunday, January 15, 2012

Travel to the city of clay

The unique clay sculpture park appeared in the Chinese city of Tangshan. The sculptor created a clay Qin Shiping scenes from the life of ordinary people in China of the past. On this ambitious and unusual project was inspired by his series of paintings "Along the River" by Dynasty Zhang Zerui. In the park there are several thousand clay figures of humans and animals, buildings and miscellaneous items.

The park is situated on the territory, of a width of 60 and 300 meters long. All figures, whether human, animal or structure, made ​​of clay in the ratio of 2 / 3 of actual size.

The idea occurred to Qin in 2005, but щтдн  in 2008 he began to implement his project.  The opening of the park timed to the beginning of the Qingming Festival.  All this time he worked on the sculptures with two his assistants. The project was financed by the author.

Every detail of this unusual park carefully thought out. Here you can move freely across the street surrounded by clay figures, wrapping in the past... to the ancient  times  of the Zhang Zerui  Dynasty .

The park is very popular and there's no end of visitors. Because of this, Qin's costs will be paid back quickly and the park will bring revenue to the author.

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