Friday, January 20, 2012

TOP 10 SEX injuries

1. Stretching the neck muscles.
2. Back injury.
3. Burns from the carpet.
4. Stretching the neck muscles.
5. Injured elbows and knees.
6. The bruises on his shoulders.
7. Vyviz knee.
8. Dislocation of the wrist.
9. Dislocation lodyzhui.
10. Fracture of the finger.

The real history.

1. Young couple, left alone in   grandmother's house and decided to have sex. In the midst of the passions they used a tube with a "lubricant". It was nitroglycerin. As a result, both taken to the hospital with down the pressure and pain in the heart.

2. Doctors of one hospital, removed a half of sausages from the  girl's vagina. As it turned out, she masturbated with a frozen sausage ... and at some point it broke inside the girl.

3. The young girl decided to experiment, and asked the boyfriend to enter the ball into her anus. The ball had entered ... but back - no way! They called an ambulance. During the examination the doctor asked the girl to strain. She did... The ball flew out and hit the doctor just in the eye...

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