Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The suites in the Soviet aircraft carrier.

It seemed that it would be crazy idea - to rest on a Soviet aircraft carrier
But not for the Chinese. One can only envy their ability to do business and their particular turn unwanted items into a source of capital. What others would have long written off as scrap metal, the Chinese turned into money.

The aircraft carrier "Kiev" was commissioned in 1975, then for eighteen years was a member of the Northern Military Navy of the USSR. In 1993, the cruiser was sold to China, where it served as the museum and restaurant, and soon will turn in a luxury hotel. It will be located in this Chinese city of Tianjin Port.

Earlier in the aircraft carrier "Kiev" can accommodate 18 combat aircraft and 18 helicopters. Now, it equipped one hundred forty-eight rooms for guests, including two presidential suites and three rooms for VIP-guests.

This floating hotel has several restaurants, a sports complex, swimming pool, cinema and many other places for recreation and entertainment. Fortunately, the size of the former carrier can accommodate all  this - the length of the ship is 273 meters, width - 31.

The appearance of this hotel demonstrates the results of the end of the "Cold War". The real winner was China, which, according to the precepts of Mao Tse-tung, "as a wise monkey," waited until the Soviet Union and the United States exhausted each other. As a result, American tourists will pay money to the Chinese ... for living in a Soviet aircraft carrier.
The hotel will open in late January 2012. The process of its transformation is finished, there were only minor shtrishki, after which the hotel will open its doors to visitors.

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