Sunday, January 15, 2012

The state border - in a cafe

 The town of Baarle
…just north of the Belgian-Dutch border, which for arcane historical reasons is divided into a Dutch half (Baarle-Nassau) and a Belgian half (Baarle-Hertog). Simple enough. Then it gets weird. Essentially, B-H is a collection of about 20 Belgian exclaves in the Netherlands. But some of those Belgian parcels in their turn contain Dutch exclaves (seven in all) of B-N. The border cuts through houses, shops, restaurants — resulting in petty absurdity when different national laws apply on either side.

The borders between The Netherlands and Belgium is not a big stretch of land or ‘no man’s land’ like we are used to cross when traveling by land across countries.

The interesting thing is that there are no physical borders around the exclaves where you need to show your passport before crossing. If you look at the picture above, you can be sitting in a cafe with your friend in Holland while he’s sitting in Belgium and you are talking over a coffee. Funny eh!


  1. This is very interesting!!

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  3. This is great.. such a freedom :) :)

  4. i wanna go there so that i can go in 2 places at a time

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