Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sokushinbutsu. The practice of Buddhist sects chignon.

In Yamagata Prefecture, northern Japan that are several dozen mummified Japanese monks known as Sokushinbutsu. They have driven themselves to natural death, which caused them further mummification. For the first time this horrible practice was introduced by a priest named Kuukay more than 1,000 years ago. Was the founder of the sect Kuukay Buddhists hairpiece, which introduced the idea of ​​enlightenment through physical torture. This process of self mummification took 10 years, is that hundreds of monks tried to do it themselves, but got turned into a mummy only a few dozen. These mummies have survived to our times, especially sophisticated tourists even come specially to see the Sokushinbutsu 

Elaborate process begins with a special 1000-day diet, which includes only the nuts and seeds. At the same time, it was necessary to be physically active, to get rid of layers of fat. During the next 1,000 days was necessary to eat only bark and roots, and drink a poisonous tea made from the juice of the tree Urush. This juice is commonly used for coating surfaces.

This juice is caused vomiting and helped drain the body and get rid of fluids. What is most important - the flesh became too toxic to be eaten by maggots. In the end, the monk locked himself in a stone tomb in the lotus position. Tomb match the proportions of his body, because it was there in a fixed position. The only link with the outside world was an air tube and bell. Every day, a monk called the bell to let others know that he was still alive

When the bell stopped ringing, the tube is pulled, and the tomb sealed to prevent air from entering. After that, the other monks at the temple waiting for another 1000 days before the open grave, and to ensure the success of samomumifikatsii. If successfully mummified monk, he exhibited in the temple for all to see. Often, however, at the opening of the tomb was found a decomposed corpse of successful cases was slightly

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