Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Short-lived art Rangoli

There are many kinds of ephemeral art of ice sculpture, sand sculpture, in a village makes a giant art objects made ​​of straw and twigs, and then burned. Their fragility is part of the appeal.

Rangoli - is a dry painting, where the process of creating is more important than the result.

Rangoli - is more than just art, it is a kind of sacrament and tremulous process of creating a colorful and vibrant images of ornamental flowers, rice and rice flour.

Dry painting Rangoli is a traditional Indian decorative art. Women are perfectly mastered them, drawing Rangoli on the floor near the main entrance to the house (on the verge or in the yard), which served as a ritual to ward off evil spirits.

The art of drawing Rangoli - is an extremely laborious and time-consuming work. First, it creates the foundation. It is usually made of sand, marble dust, sawdust or chopped bricks. Then carefully backfilled patterns, mostly rice flour and colored chalk. On top of all that is decorated with seeds, beads or flowers. It is important that the figure was not broken Rangoli lines in order not to run away evil spirits.

Themes and patterns Rangoli varied: the celestial symbols - sun, moon, stars, the natural elements - flowers (lotus is especially popular), trees, birds, animals, fish, and depict human figures, and geometric elements - circles and half circles, triangles, squares and rectangles.

 Rangoli with flowers

Colorful Rangoli powders on the market

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