Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scammers of matrimonial sites.

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for the Internet Community

This site is a free service although some information is available to Members only so scammers cannot get access to it. Membership is free and we don't share your information with anyone for any reason. Please check out the information we have and if you think you may be talking to a scammer or things start to seem a little "fishy", you can search their email address in the search box above to see if we have them listed and if not, please Register and report them to us and we will check them out for you.
The pictures listed on this site serve two main purposes. The first is to show people the pictures the scammers are using as part of the scammer information provided. The second and maybe the most important is to show that the people in the pictures are not the actual scammers. A big concern with many law enforcemnet agencies is that someone who got scammed or their sister, mother, grandmother, etc. got scammed runs into the real person in the pictures used by the scammer and thinks they are the one who scammed them and decides to "pay them back". If you are unfortunate to have your pictures used by scammers, sites like this may be your only proof that you are not the person that scammed them.
If you do find your picture(s) listed here and would like them removed, please Contact us and we will remove them and also let you know where we find them being used by scammers.

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