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Only for adults! Sacred Prostitution

Nowadays, sex and the church are incompatible ... and in our mentality are almost poles apart. And no wonder: according to religious concepts, the Immaculate Virgin Mary is not engaged in "this", but she gave birth to Christ by the Holy Spirit. Incidentally, the "purity" of Mary was given the Holy Synod only in the 18th century (!!!), but before that she was considered an ordinary woman who gave birth to an unusual child.

But in ancient times the temple prostitution was common almost everywhere, and it was not considered shameful - because it was  service for God , the fulfillment of His will and the bearing of divine love in the world.

Scenes from Indian temple dancers are popular all over the world. The famous Ludwig Minkus ballet "La Bayadere" is massive interest of several generations of viewers. Performers title party had many great dancers, including Anna Pavlova, G. Ulanova, Natalia Makarova. This story is still a matter of great interest to viewers.
But few know that Bayadere - is not just a dancer, but a sacred prostitute who voluntarily entered the path of free love in the service of a particular deity. True, Russian writers have made her proud and unapproachable girl who is ready to part with her life, not wanting to get all libidinous priest.

Dutch traveler of the XVIII century Stavorinus wrote about the true manners prevailing among the Indian bayaderes. "If during the dance bayaderes viewer wants to have fun with one of them, he may immediately satisfy his desire for a reasonable price. The other women continue to dance as if nothing had happened. "

Ritual prostitution once existed in almost all countries and is considered quite common. Over time, temple replaced the ancient faiths, committed in the open air. Women have a room in the temple, where they engaged in the mysteries of love - the ritual copulation. Odalisque, Bajadera, Zones, the Priestesses were considered honorary members of the society, the sacred temple servant, and so idolized and idealized, in spite of their craft.
This prostitution is not considered a sin, on the contrary, it encourages the society, as an act pleasing to God and man.

The ancient Greek writer and researcher Herodotus has left interesting testimony of sacred prostitution in his "History."  "In Babylon there was a temple Militta. Every woman of Babylon was obliged once in her life to copulate with a foreigner in this church. " Only foreigners were allowed to exercise their right of free intercourse with the Babylonian ladies, it does not make any difference she is married or chaste virgin.
Rich ladies were passing the temple in a chariot, surrounded by numerous servants, and sought the views of visiting merchants. Poorer women sat in the temple, tying a ribbon head. The whole territory was divided into the alley with ropes. Women are placed on one side and the men were walking on the other side, choosing their  woman. They threw a coin at the knees of the woman who they like. In this case, the woman had no right to reject a man, no matter how wretched was the motherboard. Having fulfilled her duty to the goddess, the woman returned home. Some ugly ladies, conducted in the temple for more than three years before they pick some more ugly man.

In other countries, sacred prostitution illuminate the road to marriage. Thus, the Armenians daughter the most noble families were engaged in intercourse in the church Anaitisa over a long period before getting married. Some girls were secured for the church and have been sexually serve the priests and foreigners. In Lydia's like custom allowed the girls to accumulate substantial amounts of money they gave her lover, when married.

In the Middle East, the prostitutes were both sacred and prophetesses. However, at the Temple women lived in separate cells, engaged in weaving, embroidery curtains for the divine statues. These capes covered with stone phalluses, set next to the altar.

Together with the women in the church lived men, who are responsible for deflowering virgins. Incidentally, it was engaged in prostitution in Israel, a woman just married. Their place was on top of a mountain, surrounded by oaks and poplars. Not by chance the prophet Hosea, angrily accusing his fellow citizens, that they allow their wives and daughter-in freely given to their sons and brothers.

By the way, in Palestine, religious reformers drove prostitutes from the temples, but not for reasons of high morality, but only because the matriarchal goddess created serious competition for the god Yahweh. Evidence that the priests of Yahweh did not condemn prostitution, is the collection of taxes only with those representatives of oldest profession, who were making love in the immediate vicinity of the divine sanctuary.

Fathers of the Church in Cyprus, the worship of the goddess Aphrodite, believed that she was a courtesan. Therefore, in Paphos, as in other temples of the divine, always lived a group of sacred prostitutes. Any child born to them could well be king of the country.

Deference to the temple priestesses of love is particularly evident in India. For example, in southern India in the Tamil caste of weavers from each family certainly gave one daughter a divine prostitute. Only one church Tanzhor there were more than four hundred. And Travonkore, each dancer necessarily married to her deity, played by the priest. Since then, she gratify her body every parishioner, who came to worship their god. In the evening, devoted wife waving lit lamp in front of the idol, sang psalms, sang the praises of love as the supreme earthly pleasure.

Of course, our ancestors had a different attitude to matters of love and free sex. It was only later introduced Christianity in the custom severity of moral prohibitions. But completely eradicate prostitution ... did not have the strength nor the New Testament, nor the Prophet Muhammad. Prostitution, in terms of new religious norms and morals, has been engaged in shame, but still profitable.

Up to the XVIII century French courtesan played a significant role in political intrigues and palace coups. And in Russia on courtesans, rebuking the government. regarded with respect. An example of this, the marriage of Peter I to Catherine. After passing through the hands of many men as a prostitute, she reached the king's throne, and without undue hesitation established it as a great power of the ruler.

However, XX century brought its own surprises and paradoxes. Today, in some Western countries are unions of prostitutes who defend the rights of prostitutes today the most radical way. And recently, the entire planet has discussed with interest the link American president and Monica Lewinsky in every intimate detail. 

What's next?

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