Thursday, January 19, 2012

Russian model-crumpet furor in America

Kate Zharkova, conquered the planet nude photoshoot::
"Standards 90-60-90 make women hate themselves!"

Photoshoot Russian model Katia Zharkova appeared in the Western Journal of PLUS Model Magazine, and within hours was in the tops of the highest rated material online. Milan, London, New York, Moscow - fashion capital of the world gasped at once.

To prove how realistic standards of female beauty are different from those imposed fashion industry, Kate ventured to undress and to compare photographed embracing a fashion model anorexic look. "This Russian beauty!" - Recognized not only men but also women, who want to see a long time in advertising and on the runways are not tormented by hunger skinny "herring," and women with normal, close to life figures.

 - Three years ago I came to America from Russia, spent a lot of money to see these pictures all over the world. And I am very pleased with the result - a tone that brooked no doubts, says Katya (at the moment she lives and works in New York). - Comments in forums are different. Many openly trying to insult me​​. "The ball on legs," "walking cellulite ..." Read - and you can see how society has gone mad. I live in the real world. I go into the subway, I look at people and can not find a single ideal of beauty from the pages of magazines. Ninety percent of the population - such as myself. Were normal. Yes, there are people who are addicted to plastic surgery, spending crazy money. But it is only 10 - 20 percent of the population. So why, if we are the majority, we must bow to these unrealistic standards?

"At school I was teased a locomotive!"

- I grew up in Smolensk. I went to school with Russian  presenter Masha Malinovskaya . She  led me to Smolensk modeling agency at the time. Mary kept telling all my life, that I am thick, that I need to lose weight. At school I was teased "locomotive", whispered that my knees are big and fat. I looked at myself in the mirror and could not understand why they are comparing me to the train? Unfortunately, society, in which I grew up, has managed to call fat me - a perfectly normal girl.

Did you wanted to lose weight?

- I tried. In a modeling agency all the girls are thin. I started to control the amount of sweet. But for me it was normal to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. At one time principal of the agency realized that I did not just do not get anything, but do not get it ever. Such a figure I have - a major bone. And she showed me the book "I - Model." It was written that in America there is full of fashion models (plus size). From that moment I was born a dream - to travel to the United States. But first, I moved from Smolensk to Moscow.

 And how the capital took you 

- Of course, they did not take me into any modeling agency. The Russian "fashion magazine" helped me. They began to publish me in it. But, working model in Moscow, I could not earn enough money to even rent an apartment. I went to work on television. Came as an assistant, has grown to a producer, a leading morning show. But our show business, unfortunately, takes people very wrong. In Russia, you must be thin, have a "Bentley" and the bag, "Birkin". Otherwise, who needs you?

How can you have an idea taking pictures with a skinny girl?

  - Once I saw a billboard advertising underwear. It anorexia girl, creepy bones sticking out - says Kate. - I thought that the gulf between us,! This model, unfortunately, later died from anorexia. Then the idea to do a photo session. Let everyone look at me and her and realize that only a 14-year-old girl can be so skinny. But I'm thirty years old. I have been professionally engaged in yoga. But not losing weight! Business model, imposing standards 90-60-90, does everything that people hate themselves. And I would not want to have a daughter who will stop to eat in 14 years to feel beautiful. A teenager watching television, flipping gloss and thinks that the only way to be in the world. I decided that I needed to go to America, while I'm still young ... And to show all that I have to show.
Not once, but modeling agencies have paid attention to me.

- The idea has long been in my head. And suddenly lucky - I met a Russian photographer Victoria Djanashvili, she gathered a team. These people soon realized that I wanted. I wanted them photographed me for who I am. No photoshop. Look how different we are. But we are both beautiful! Next to me a model ... second dimension (our 40th. - Ed.). On the podium girls often are of size zero (our 38th. - Ed.), They do not eat for weeks. But that's just crazy! Already it is impossible to stop the generation that wrote on the Internet that I was "fat cow". This is the spoiled generation, unfortunately. But the generation that now has 10 - 15 years, they can still be saved.

We sent these pictures around the world. Russian 'Vogue', 'Cosmopolitan' ... But no one answered. American "Vogue TV," wrote that they have teenage audience, and they can not print nudity. But if you do not undress, you can't draw attention. And it is impossible to show how different we are, in clothes ... Still, a few publications answered . But whole world was silent. Neither magazine dared to print it. And now, when photos still published, I suddenly found that the world is ready to talk about the problem!

- Katya, thin all the time afraid to get better. And you do not fear to lose weight?

- Why do I lose weight? Do I have extra pounds? (Laughs.) yesterday officially reported in the news, I'm not fat, I'm normal. The well-known model Beverly Johnson commented my photos.

- What the husband said when he saw your pictures?

  - My husband works in Russia. On television. He is young and handsome guy. He has been surfing. His first reaction was, "Honey, I miss you so much ..."

All women of Russia!
I would like to remind you that life could end tomorrow. And it's important to be that you have folds at the waist when you go away? Live for yourself. Take from life what you can.

Katie Zharkova :
Height - 178 cm
Bust - 105 cm
Waist - 85 cm
Hips - 115 cm
Weight - 84 kg
Dress size - 52


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