Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pentax LX Gold, a camera made ​​of pure gold for the anniversary of Pentax

The famous company Pentax, founded in 1919 in Japan, will soon celebrate its anniversary - the 95th birthday.

At the time, Pentax has released an exclusive, unique, legendary camera Pentax LX Gold, consisting entirely of pure gold.
In 1981, 300 pieces of different cameras with the body of 18-karat gold (750 samples) and decorated in brown patent leather came down from the conveyor.

Complete with gold-camera ...
supplied to golden lens (for portraits) SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.2.

Device was packaged in a sophisticated box of expensive types of wood, inside - red velvet upholstery, and in addition - white silk gloves that are recommended to wear a photographer to leave no greasy or dirty marks on the shiny polished camera.

It is known that the 200 series cameras are designed for the Japanese market, and only 100 pieces were on the foreign market, in the hands of connoisseurs and collectors.

Today Pentax LX Gold is basically outdated model, since it was released long before the era of digital SLR cameras. But as this exclusive model, only collectors know the true value of it.
It is known that at the time of sale the first instance of Pentax LX Gold its cost was $ 3,700. Today, the call price in 9220 dollars, adjusted for inflation. But actually, gold collection model camera Pentax LX Gold is much more expensive than the specified amount.

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