Monday, January 16, 2012

Only 8 pilots in the world can land a plane in this airport

If you thought that landing an airliner in the Hong Kong airport was an hair-raising business, check out this landing strip in Buthan!

You would think that a nice flat and obstacles-free ground would be the first choice for an airport location…but in Buthan, where the Himalayan mountains are the country itself, finding a long enough space to land a plane can be challenging.

There are only 8 pilots in the world who are certified to land at the Paro International Airport, the world’s most dangerous one…and if you watch the video below you’ll understand why!

Pilots have to zig-zag between mountains at an altitude of 1,000 feet, dodge a buddhist monastery on a hill at 300 feet, quickly make another turn and by the moment the plane touches the runaway, the machine has barely been aligned with the strip.

To make everything more difficult, gusty winds and big airplanes loaded with passengers and provisions! Flights at the airport are allowed only during daylight and under good visual meteorological conditions. At night-time only birds and insect can fly in this area!

Watch the video taken from the cockpit and probably you’ll take a train to Buthan for your trekking holidays!!

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