Sunday, January 1, 2012

Never go back into the past.

Never go back into the past. It kills your present. Memories are meaningless, they just take away your precious time. History does not repeat, people do not change. Do not wait for anybody, do not stand on the spot ... Who's supposed to, they will catch up.

Do not look back. All hopes and dreams are just an illusion, do not let them take over you. Remember! Never, under any circumstances, give up, but go ahead, without turning. The only way you'll get what you want.

Is it normal that we sometimes want to return to the previous relationship with someone whom, it would seem, we never see?
We have put an end to this relationship. Why then we try to renew them again? In a world where everything is constantly changing, we are looking for something new and unusual. And sometimes, we find it ... in our past. The person whom we were going to forget again appears on the horizon. Maybe it is because we really want to fall in love, but there is no suitable candidate? Or maybe we did not let  go this someone out of our hearts ...

Never take hold of someone who does not want to be with you. If a person goes out of your life - so, he/she frees the way for someone or something new. We live on this earth to learn, get lessons from life. Some people teach us to suffer... Others, with insults and abuse, kill our pride - teach us of humility. Third teach us to love. Our life is fleeting and undergoing. And we must learn to never cling of anything.

Rejoice all you have in life .... If it is left in the past, rejoice that it was in your life. Good or bad - all brings us to the experience (positive or negative). We just need to draw the correct conclusions.

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