Sunday, January 15, 2012

The most unusual wine!

1. Orange wine
Spain is one of the major countries in the world of wine. There are very tasty wine of all traditions. But winemakers in Spain lacks imagination to create unique wines too. Recently, the market appeared the original wine, which is called "Orange" from Bodegas Privilegio de Condado (Andalusia). But, despite the name "Orange" and its characteristic color, this wine  do traditional way of ordinary white grape Moscatel. A citrus scent and orange color, the drink gets through aging wine in oak barrels, which surface "trimmed" orange peel from inside. In these barrels the wine is stored 5 years - during which time the grape drink turns into the "orange", incorporating citrus fragrance and staining in orange color.

2. Wine from algae
Marine biologist Inets Linke has created a wine from the Baltic Sea algae, which contains 16% alcohol.
The wine is called «Laminaria». By the color of a drink similar to cider with the presence of subtle notes of marzipan. Wine is good, as in an extract of seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals, salts and proteins, otorye positively affect the immune system. This unique beverage has become a bestseller. It costs about $ 28 per bottle and is recommended for Japanese cuisine.

3. Wine with resin
Wine "Retsina of Attica" is done on the old traditions of wine region
Attica  - the largest in Greece. It is made from superior raw grape with a very interesting addition - a small amount of pine tar. Typically, such wine made ​​from grapes Savatiano, grown in the north-eastern slopes of Mount Parnes. In the wort, before fermentation, add a very small amount of pine Aleppo  resin.  Golden-yellow wine with an unusual but interesting bouquet with hints of pine resin. The wine perfectly balanced and very pleasant aftertaste, where the resin is replaced by a taste for fruit tones of fresh grapes. It will be a great alliance with the dishes with lots of herbs and spices, as well as any snacks.

4. Wine of seagulls
This a wine you will not find in any cafe or bar. Wine of the seagulls is an invention of the Inuit, who really want to drink something warming in cold Arctic nights.
How they were preparing this unusual wine? It's too simple: they put a dead seagull (in part or entirely) in a bottle with
water  and left it in the direct sunlight.
The Europeans, who have tried this wine, spoke about the taste so: "If you open the carburetor of "Toyota" and drank the remaining liquid out there, then you would have presented a taste of that terrible liquor."
But it also has another advantage: it  quickly
intoxicates. However, a hangover from it is awful.

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