Sunday, January 15, 2012

Moses Bridge

Moses Bridge - the bridge that is the name of Moses, before which, according to legend, parted the sea ...

As you know, all new - it is well forgotten old. When working on a defensive fort De Roovere 17th century in the Dutch province of North Barabant, architects are faced with a problem. There had to build a bridge across the moat, but it would violate the historic integrity of the building.

 After a long search, they remembered the legend of Moses and the solution was found. They decided to build a bridge do not over water, but in the water.

As a result, the bridge appeared Moses Bridge, which goes under the water to a depth of about one meter. Despite the fact that its design is made from wood from the inside it is completely dry. During the construction of an upgraded wood was used, which was subjected to acetylation. As expected, this material will last for 50 years.

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