Friday, January 20, 2012

"Marriage market" in Shanghai

In Shanghai is the "marriage market"
In China, where some of billions of people, as in many other civilized countries in acute need of finding a life partner, which in today's employment is very difficult to meet by chance. That is why in Shanghai opened the marriage market, which hang on the walls of ads about finding a husband or wife.

"A woman, born in 1981, 1.62 meters, a bachelor's degree, the project manager for a foreign company, salary - more than 10 000 yuan (about 1500 dollars), is looking for a man, born between 1974 and 1982, a bachelor's degree or higher, with a sense of responsibility for the family "- is just one of thousands of sheets of paper, which adorn the walls and hung garlands on the ropes, stretched on the marriage market in Shanghai specifically for this purpose.

The weekend market perks up: hundreds of young people or their parents come here to "advertise" the potential groom or bride and to find a pair that will be treated as materially, and spiritually.
Residents of China in recent devote too much time studying or working. Parents often take the initiative and place the leaves with an indication of height, weight, age, education, employment, wages, having your own apartment and experience of study / work abroad, if any.

Most children find this way to find a pair of uncomfortable, but it does not matter to parents who dream of marriage, their child with someone who deserves it. At the same time, the chances of finding a worthy partner in life is pretty bleak. "I go here every weekend for 2 years, but to no avail. Some have come here 4-5 years, but no one and did not find "- says one of the mothers are too busy daughter. Father of young man confirmed her words: "If I find at least one suitable girl in a hundred, it will be a real success."

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