Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marie-Antoinette perfume - the most expensive in the worl

Fragrance House Lubin has prepared a priceless gift for connoisseurs of luxury fragrances. The French master back to life your favorite perfume Queen Marie Antoinette. Perfume called Black Jade - in memory of the bottle in which the Queen kept spirits.

Wife of Louis XVI, end his days on the scaffold during the French Revolution, was the fashion trendsetter in all directions, graceful life. Even perfume, which she enjoyed, were revolutionary for its time. Floral scent was unusual for that era, was preferred where heavy flavors.

The legendary fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-court Fazhonom Louis in the late XVIII century, especially for the Queen of France Marie Antoinette. Young Queen, never to part with your favorite perfume. She always kept in an elegant bottle, made of black jade. Shortly before his death, Marie Antoinette gave the spirits of the Marquis de Turzel for descendants whose precious bottle has become a real family heirloom.

Jean-Louis Fazhon managed to embody in the fragrance of the luxury of Versailles Trianon garden, in which Marie Antoinette liked to arrange noisy celebration. Recipe of unique spirits maintained by resourceful assistant, Jean-Louis Fazhona - the young perfumer Pierre-Fran├žois Lubin. The spirits, who carried the name of "Le Sillage de la Reine", described as sensual-sweet flower jasmine, iris, ambergris, rose and tuberose.

Exotic recipe was discovered French Elisabeth de Feydeau culturologist personal papers in the provider of the legendary French court perfumer Jean-Louis Farzhona. The composition of spirits extremely difficult and consists of 13 herbal ingredients, mostly floral fragrance essentsiyu. Formulu King was restored to court records assistant perfumer - Pierre Labin. He copied the formula and flavor retained. It is through this wizard, Lubin today can bring back to life the legendary perfume and allow modern women to enjoy the royal flavor.

Experts say that the spirits who preferred to Marie Antoinette, is very different from today's unexpected flavor and freshness.

Today perfume called "Black Jade" - in memory of the bottle of black jade, and save the favorite scent Marie Antoinette.
Due to the scarcity and high cost of high-quality essences used in the manufacture, launch perfume in mass production is not planned.

A small bottle of perfume, recreated the famous French perfumer Francis Kurdyan cost about 2000 dollars. They have the mouthwatering smell of refined bouquet of flowers that are so fond of Marie Antoinette.

Now the spirits can only be purchased in the palace complex of Versailles west of Paris. The total number of bottles produced is less than one thousand pieces.

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